Six core elements of the most popular electric ham

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Count the six core elements of electric hammers. There is no headache in choosing electric hammers

the purchase of electric hammers is a science, and there are many kinds of electric hammers, so it is inevitable to fly when choosing. Today, let's talk about the core elements of buying electric hammers

electric hammer uses piston movement to compress gas to impact the drill bit. Electric hammer has high drilling efficiency on the above materials, but it cannot drill on metal. On the basis of electric drill, electric hammer adds a piston with crankshaft and connecting rod driven by motor, which compresses air in a cylinder repeatedly, so that the air pressure in the cylinder changes periodically. The changed air pressure drives the hammer in the cylinder to strike the top of the drill back and forth, as if we hit the drill with a hammer, so it is called electric hammer

since denipe of electric hammer announced to invest US $15million to build a new factory, while the drill bit rotates, it also produces fast reciprocating motion along the direction of the electric drill rod (frequent impact), so it can quickly punch holes in brittle materials such as cement concrete and stone. Therefore, this matter is applicable to electronic universal testing machine. The high-grade electric hammer can use the change-over switch to make the drill bit of the electric hammer in different working states, that is, only rotate without impact, only impact without rotation, both impact and rotation

characteristics of electric hammer:

1. Good shock absorption system: it can make the operator comfortable to hold and alleviate fatigue. It should focus on the functional electrolyte. Realization way: through "vibration control system"; Increase grip comfort through soft rubber handle

2. Accurate speed regulation switch: when touching the switch, the speed is low, It can help the machine pull out smoothly (for example, pulling out on a smooth surface such as a ceramic tile can not only prevent the drill bit from slipping, but also prevent the drill hole from cracking. During normal work, high speed can be used to ensure work efficiency.

3. Stable and reliable safety clutch: also known as torque limiting clutch, which avoids the transmission of large torque reaction force generated by the sticking of the drill bit to the user in the process of use, which is a kind of safety protection for the user. This feature can also prevent teeth Stop rotation of wheel device and motor

4. Comprehensive motor protection device: granular hard objects will inevitably enter the machine in use (especially when drilling upward for the machine, such as drilling on the top of the wall). If the motor has no certain protection, it is very easy to be broken or scratched by hard objects during high-speed rotation, which will eventually lead to motor failure

5. Forward and reverse rotation function: it can make the electric hammer more widely used. Its implementation form is mainly realized by switching or adjusting the position of the carbon brush. Usually, the big brand tools will adjust the position of the carbon brush (rotating the brush holder). The advantage of this is that it is easy to operate, effectively suppress sparks to protect the commutator, and prolong the service life of the motor

6. The double function of hammer and drill

the electric hammer has the advantage of high efficiency and large aperture, The drilling depth is long. Its disadvantage is that it vibrates greatly and destroys the surrounding structures to a certain extent. The reinforcement in the concrete structure cannot pass smoothly, and it cannot be too close to the building due to the requirements of the scope of work

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