Six common sense of the hottest car safety

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Six common sense of automobile safety

in daily life, we can't live without cars as a means of transportation. As our means of transportation, especially our own cars, it is also very important to understand that maintaining cars and maintaining cars is a great knowledge to further improve the level of manufacturing technology and overall strength. And it is also a great guarantee for our safe travel. Today, follow hang Xiaotong to learn how to maintain your car ~ ~ ~ ~

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01, maintenance of lubrication system

the main function of automobile lubrication system is to effectively lubricate all parts of automobile engine to prevent excessive wear. The function of the oil filter is to remove all kinds of impurities in the oil and ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system. The oil filter should be used together with the oil when changing the oil. 3. Specific utilization requirements: and replace. Under normal circumstances, the car needs maintenance every 5000km

02. Regular inspection of automobile tires

the performance index of automobile tires is very important. When we check, we need to know whether the tires leak, check the wear of tires, and regularly rotate tires. These should be paid attention to and checked. Be sure to go to a professional car inspection department

03. Maintenance interval

regular maintenance should not be carried out because the car has no problems. The maintenance of the car is to prevent problems, so regular maintenance must be done. Generally, the interval of car maintenance is determined by the oil used in the car. Generally, the oil demand of medium and low-grade car machines is different, and the oil change cycle is also different, so it generally needs to be replaced. The engine of high-end cars and the fourth engine of Liandi are relatively good, and the oil is also relatively good, about 1W or 1w5 replacement

04. Regularly clean the car

cleaning the car is also an important part of maintenance. Standardizing the alignment of the dynamometer should be accurate and solid, which can create a good interior environment and protect health: Carpets, seats, air conditioning vents, luggage compartments and other places in the interior of the car are often exposed to moist air or water stains. In a specific environment, these places are most likely to cause bacteria to breed, mold the interior, and emit odor, It not only affects the indoor air environment, but also poses a threat to your health. Therefore, it is also necessary to clean the interior and exterior of the car regularly

05. Check the instrument of the car

wipe the surface of each instrument frequently, on the one hand, prevent dust and oil from invading the interior of the instrument and damaging the meter core, on the other hand, it is also convenient to observe the dynamics of the instrument pointer. When the engine is started, the dynamics of each instrument must be observed, and any abnormality found must be handled in time; When the engine is running and the car is running, you should also often observe the dynamics of each instrument in order to master the working conditions of relevant systems

06. Maintenance of automobile engine

this is the top priority of the automobile. The engine is the core component of the automobile. First, use lubricating oil of appropriate quality grade, change the engine oil and filter element regularly, keep the crankcase well ventilated, clean the crankcase and fuel system regularly, and maintain the water tank regularly

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