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Hikvision released the AI cloud framework and the full opening of industry applications

on October 28, the ai+: insight into the industry and help more than 20000 employees' human resource change theme forum hosted by Hikvision was grandly held in Shenzhen. The forum is full of heroes and guests. Mr. Gaowen, deputy director of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Peking University, and Mr. Zhuang Yueting, Dean and professor of the school of computer science and technology of Zhejiang University, delivered wonderful keynote speeches respectively, sharing the cutting-edge research in the field of digital video film related technology, cross media intelligence and Knowledge Computing

Mr. Gaowen and Mr. Zhuang Yueting delivered wonderful keynote speeches respectively.

at the meeting, Hikvision released IOT - a neural network based cognitive computing system - Hikvision AI cloud framework, which comprehensively introduced AI technology from products to solutions, and comprehensively opened the application of AI in the industry

technological innovation: Hikvision AI cloud framework release leads the industry

with the increasingly complex computing business in all walks of life and higher requirements for speed, cloud computing came into being. However, the use of cloud computing requires that all the data required for computing be transmitted to the data center through the network. In this way, it will not only consume a lot of network resources, but also spend a lot of time in the transmission process. Problems such as high delay, high energy consumption, network congestion, low reliability and so on will appear

in response to the above problems, huyangzhong, President of Hikvision, said at the forum that it is the general trend to inject AI computing power into the edge and enable edge intelligence. The cathode current density can be increased to more than 1000a/m2 when the granulator is operated. The safety items that should be paid attention to include: the transformation of electricity, heat, machinery and the loading and unloading of bulky parts. The AI cloud framework released by Hikvision is composed of three parts: cloud center, edge domain and edge node, which realizes edge computing + cloud computing from end to center, and truly makes perception and understanding more effective and accurate; The transmission of image target details is more efficient, and the network pressure is released; The data classification application is more flexible and the business response is more agile

Mr. Hu Yangzhong, President of Hikvision, and Mr. Lin Licheng, vice president of Nanwei software delivered a keynote speech

Hikvision, which has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of technological innovation, will help solve the pain points of the industry and users and create more value for users

rich products: AI cloud family builds product ecological chain

the advantages of technology are transformed into product lines. Hikvision has formed an AI cloud product family covering cloud center, edge domain and edge nodes, and has built a good product ecological chain in terms of edge, cloud and application

at the edge level, a series of AI devices represented by Haikang deep eyes, Haikang divine catcher, Haikang Super Brain and Haikang bright eyes can realize intelligent perception and understanding functions such as target detection, feature extraction and nondestructive modeling at the edge node side, so as to improve the accuracy of perception and understanding and business response agility. At the domain level, there are not only the iterative upgrading of the old AI products Haikang falcon, Haikang blade, Haikang Facebook, and Haikang Shenshou, but also new members such as domain customs, intelligent access customs TDA, AI CVR, converged cloud storage, basic application platform, algorithm scheduling platform, etc. At the cloud level, cloud management platform, joint sharing platform, big data analysis platform, intelligent scheduling platform, full operation and maintenance platform, VMS application integration platform and other software will be released in succession, becoming the AI cloud technology service platform for industry business, providing system level solutions for such as smart transportation, new safe City, smart retail, smart education, etc., to meet the application needs of various industries

industry application: Hikvision AI cloud+ is in full bloom

at present, Hikvision has launched the application of AI cloud+ industry solutions, and AI projects have been launched in more than 30 provincial administrative regions across the country to provide AI solution services for emergency command, livelihood services, urban operation, traffic management, business decision-making and other fields

Mr. Lin Licheng, vice president of Nanwei software, Hikvision's partner, delivered a keynote speech, introducing the remarkable achievements made by actively applying Hikvision's product technology solutions in the construction of Ping'an Fuzhou project

in the peak dialogue session of the industry, Mr. duhaijie, director of the information center of Haining Public Security Bureau in Jiaxing, Mr. Liu Jia, leader of the science and technology brigade of Suqian traffic police detachment, Mr. zangyuchun, director of the information center of Changchun University of technology, Mr. GUI Yilong, CIO of Bosideng, Mr. Wang Hongqiang, vice president of Jing "air-conditioned clothes" in Shenwang electronics, general manager of the marketing center, AJAX player analyst Max reckers and other guests, AI industry applications cooperated with Hikvision were shared on site

the guests shared the AI industry applications cooperated with Hikvision on site

Hikvision AI cloud family and industry solutions made a wonderful debut at the 2017 Shenzhen Expo

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