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Se210w excavator: Shantui quality fuel-saving weapon

se210w hydraulic excavator, equipped with powerful and reliable Weichai engine, and the oil instrument also has printing function: according to the requirements of international gb/t456 (1) 989 for smoothness test report, it has lower consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection; Adopting domestic advanced intelligent electrical system and high-strength structural parts, it has stronger adaptability to working conditions, more energy-saving, more efficient and more environmentally friendly

high end system configuration

high adaptability turbocharged engine, high torque, high altitude adaptability, strong oil adaptability

such an excellent engine also has a long warranty period

high performance biodegradable composites show high strength and good flexibility. The reinforced working device

comprehensively optimizes the design of structural parts, strengthens the treatment of key stress positions, and is not afraid of bad working conditions

the bucket bottom plate, side plate and reinforcing plate are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials to improve the durability of the bucket

multi specification boom, stick and bucket can be easily combined to adapt to various working conditions

four wheel belt

30 years of R & D and manufacturing experience in four wheel belt, world leading technology

the world's top forging heat treatment process, with stable and reliable quality

spacious and comfortable operating environment

injection molding interior, which is effectively matched with interior colors according to ergonomics, is not easy to cause visual fatigue of operators

large space, wide vision, reasonable arrangement of control devices, convenient and comfortable operation

high power air conditioner, suspended seat, comfortable driving

intelligent electric control, optimal power control

intelligent control system realizes the best match between power system and hydraulic system, improves operation efficiency and reduces fuel consumption

a new generation of man-machine friendly intelligent electronic control system enables you to master the working state of your machine

preset P (heavy load mode), e (economic mode), a (automatic mode), what magic has Jin Chengli applied to conquer the judges of two high-level competitions? B (crushing hammer mode) four working modes, easy to switch

through the cloud platform, you can view the location, running track, working status and other relevant information of the vehicle at any time

convenient and convenient maintenance

all maintenance and replacement can be completed by centrally arranging the fuel filter element, engine oil filter element and pilot filter element at the same position

high precision fuel filter element, large water capacity, strong fuel adaptability, with electric pump oil function, automatic oil replenishment, easy to start

the engine hood can be easily opened and closed with the help of the pneumatic strut, which is light to open, large angle and convenient for maintenance and repair

radiator maintenance is convenient and accessible

the total investment of the scheme project is 1.058 billion yuan. Coolant filling and air filter element replacement are within reach, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance

series radiator can effectively avoid overheating and facilitate cleaning

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