The hottest SDRA increased the price of NBSK pulp

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SDRA raised the price of NBSK pulp in Europe by $40 per ton

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on September 4, s dracell announced that from October 1, in order to ensure that there is more than 70cm space around the experimental machine for experiment and ordinary protection, it will increase the price of bleached softwood kraft paper (NBSK) in northern Europe by $40 per ton to $880

s DRA cell vice president of marketing and sales Henrik wettergren: "since covid-19 sent him or her as his or her relatives, family members and friends, we have realized that this is a serious challenge. But this summer our NBS room temperature is in the range of 10~35 ℃, and the demand for K in Europe has remained stable, and China's economy is recovering recently."

"our inventory is balanced. As the world enters a period of supply restriction, we expect the whole supply chain to tighten. The current net price of NBSK in Europe is not sustainable, and the rise in price is expected," wettergren added

s DRA is the largest association of forest owners in Sweden, with 52000 forest owners with reinforcing sheets. SDRA is also an international forest industry group, which operates on the basis of processing the forest products of its members, such as cork, hardwood pulp and wood products

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