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Screw cap has more advantages than cork

wine sealed with screw cap has better flavor than wine sealed with cork! This is the conclusion of an expert wine tasting organized by winein1000mm 3ternational. International Wine Magazine organized this wine tasting event to resolve the dispute between corks and screw caps. The wine tasters employed by the organizer are internationally renowned wine tasting experts, including michelrol land and petergago, the famous wine consultants of Penfolds. Experts also communicated with more than 50 material enterprises about cooperation. They tasted 40 kinds of grape sprinkles, and each wine was sealed in four forms: natural cork, dumbbell shaped samples of types I, II and III, cork, screw bottle cap and ordinary wine bottle cap

experts praised 21 kinds of wines sealed with screw caps. Among them, the sensor of the screw tensile testing machine is regarded as the screw cap sealing of electronic components category 1. Australia's 1996 Penfolds wine was also one of the highest winners, and 77% of the evaluation experts gave it high praise. The only corked wine with high scores was a 2002 everlasting longing for each other, which was highly praised by only 57% of experts

wine writer robertjoseph believes that the evaluation results show that consumers are biased against screw caps. He also explained that non corked bottle caps are better sealed because they do not give the wine a "cork flavor" and effectively prevent the entry of air. He also stressed that some recent research results have denied the claim that wine needs to breathe

source: International Wine

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