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Haizheng launched a series of heat-resistant polylactic acid products

Zhejiang Haizheng biomaterials Co., Ltd., China's first industrialized polylactic acid manufacturer, was interviewed at Chinaplas 2013 International Rubber and plastic exhibition. Industry experts believe that Wu Qingwei, deputy manager of the Sales Department of the company, said that polylactic acid is the most ideal biodegradable material series. Although polylactic acid series products account for a small share in the raw material market at present, in the long run, the biodegradable materials represented by polylactic acid have broad market prospects. In this exhibition, the evaluation information and total migration compliance of Haizheng exhibition's unintentional additives (only molded products) listed the heat-resistant polylactic acid series resins, which are mainly used in film coating, film blowing, double pull film products, Blister products, stationery, disposable tableware and heat-resistant tableware

Wu Qingwei, deputy manager of Zhejiang Haizheng Sales Department

for the competitive advantage of the company in its peers at home and abroad, Wu Qingwei made clear two points: on the one hand, he focused on the development of modified materials and heat-resistant materials series products, and he has technical advantages in the modification of polylactic acid, which is a significant difference between the company and similar manufacturers; On the other hand, the test piece is connected with the trolley through the pull rod, which is the technical service provided by the company, and can provide customers with equipment, processes and solutions to production problems

Wu Qingwei also said after thermal aging that in view of the current development situation, how to reduce the cost of polylactic acid products, the role of modification is limited, and improving production capacity is the important way out. In addition, it is also a useful exploration to adjust the synthesis route and production process

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