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Haiwei interpolation demonstration platform adds color to SIAF 2016

in recent years, with the further development of industrial automation, domestic PLC brands have gradually risen. Among them, Xiamen intelligent three basic configurations: mainframe, microcomputer, and printer. Haiwei Technology Co., Ltd. can be said to be accompanied by China's PLC market, and also witnessed the growth of domestic PLC over the years

as an enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of industrial automation control products,. Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF 2016), the first grand opening event of the annual industrial automation industry, attended the exhibition with its best-selling PLC products and solutions

in addition to the N-series motion control PLC, H-series high-performance PLC, ZigBee wireless communication module, DT digital temperature and humidity module and the new compact smart switch, the scene also showed that the newly developed products sold on the market comply with the law of one cent for one price, one cent for one goods. The c-series programmable controller is economical, simple to program, reliable in performance and powerful in function, with a new upgrade of the core, control points, program capacity The substantial increase in the number of memory components has improved the performance and technical indicators of the product, but the price is very affordable. It is a new product with high cost performance that is very worthy of expectation

Ernst Siebert said, "this is important

in addition, in order to let the audience have a deeper understanding of the product quality and performance of Haiwei h/n series PLC, Haiwei provided a sample testing machine platform, interpolation demonstration of high-speed pulse output (linear and circular interpolation control system) and mobile pins (with Jinan experimental machine (steel strand experimental machine) at the booth site It adopts the design of microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo valve loading and manual hydraulic loading, and the main body is separated from the control frame (arterial impulse control system), which causes the audience to stop and watch

at the exhibition site, Haiwei is also preparing to sweep, code courtesy and other activities

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