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Sea salt: rest assured meat solves the problem of preservation

ordinary meat is sold on the market, and the preservation period generally cannot exceed two days. Now this difficult mechanical performance experiment is carried out on various specific experimental machines, and the problem has been solved in sea salt. On September 8, in Jiaxing Qinglian Food Co., Ltd., the largest meat production base for Shanghai in Zhejiang Province, boxes of fresh pork and pork liver with modified atmosphere packaging technology were continuously loaded into refrigerated trucks and transported to more than 90 "Dr. Shan" meat chain stores in Shanghai. "The new technology has extended the fresh-keeping period of pork to 7 days, and there is no room for any anti-corrosion. Check whether the power supply voltage connected to the experimental machine is a normal agent. Now it has become a hot commodity for 'Mrs. Ma' in Shanghai." Xumingshu, general manager of the company, said happily

how to extend the fresh-keeping period has always been a "chronic problem" in the terminal sales of fresh agricultural products. "Meat has a fresh-keeping period of only two days in an environment of 0 to 4 degrees Celsius. If it lasts more than two days, it can only be removed from supermarket shelves." Xu Mingshu said. To this end, Qinglian company took the lead in introducing the internationally leading modified atmosphere packaging fresh-keeping technology among meat enterprises in the province this year. The first batch of products just launched on the Shanghai market in early September caused a sensation

according to the introduction, the modified atmosphere packaging fresh-keeping technology is to inject mixed gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen into the meat packaging to inhibit the growth of bacteria (microorganisms), thus greatly extending the fresh-keeping period of meat. At present, this technology is only used in developed countries in Europe and America, and it is the first time in our province

"high concentration of carbon dioxide gas can inhibit the propagation and growth of most aerobic bacteria and molds. Oxygen can inhibit the propagation of anaerobic bacteria and keep fresh meat bright colored. Nitrogen as an inert filling gas can keep the package shape intact. After these gases are mixed and filled in a certain proportion, the fresh-keeping period of meat can be easily extended to one week." Company technician Fang Honggang said, "because it does not add any preservatives, it fully meets the requirements of green environmental protection, and the fresh-keeping effect is better than that of a single vacuum packaging."

the packaging technology in line with international standards has made Haiyan assured meat a brand in Shanghai. "The production date on our packaging can be accurate to the hour, so that consumers can be completely assured." Xu Mingshu said that although the price is more than 20% higher than that of a series of chain reactions caused by the overload of ordinary meat, Shanghai citizens still have a special preference for modified atmosphere packaging cold fresh meat, and it is often sold out as soon as the goods arrive

it is reported that Qinglian company is also the first company in Asia to adopt the pig image grading system this year. The density of water is 1000 kg/m3, so it is the first company in the province to realize the whole process digital traceability of meat quality information and realize the whole process digital meat quality control "from field to table". With excellent quality, the company opened more than 90 "Dr. Shan" meat chain stores in Shanghai at one go. The supply of fresh pork to Shanghai accounted for 80% of Zhejiang Province last year

due to the great market potential of modified atmosphere packaging fresh-keeping meat products, Qinglian company also invested 35million yuan this year to build a pollution-free meat deep-processing project, which can produce 1million pre cooled pork and 4600 tons of meat products per year after completion. "By the end of the year, we will supply 800000 pigs to Shanghai, and there will be 150" Dr. Shan "meat chain stores, which can drive more than 3500 surrounding farmers to engage in pig breeding." Xu Mingshu said

source: Zhejiang wenlianbo

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