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SDD series side sealing bag making machine

product: Shantou Longhua Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

this machine is suitable for continuous automatic production of color printing or non printing plastic film. See Figure 1 for side sealing bag making in this station; Photoelectric eye tracking is adopted to make the pattern position of the printing bag sealed and cut accurately; The bag making speed is fast, up to 30 ~ 140/min continuously; Key electrical accessories such as optoelectronic eye, AC servo motor, frequency converter, etc. are used in 3 Wide working temperature range and high output make the whole machine have high reliability and long service life; Adopt intelligent counting device: when the set number of bags is reached, it will automatically alarm and automatically control the startup and shutdown; High precision temperature control instrument is adopted to make the seal firm and beautiful; The error of bag making length of the machine is ± 0.5mm; Equipped with electrostatic cleaning device, easy to fold plastic bags; The heat sealing knife adopts special alloy steel, which is resistant to high temperature and not easy to wear; Automatic high-level shutdown, protection of high temperature resistant meter 1 heat treatment system warm silicone rubber roller; The heat sealing knife can rotate freely at 180o

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