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South Pump: labor model tree pioneer, gratitude with truth ()

an excellent employee should be encouraged and thanked, in order to be more inspiring—— The inscription is to inherit the spirit of model workers and strive to be the pioneer of Nanfeng. On the occasion of Thanksgiving this year, I would like to thank the most beautiful model workers. The CIS part-time team of the company decided to carry out the activity of "model workers are pioneers, and gratitude is accompanied by true feelings". On Thanksgiving Day... [details]

Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SKF ()

on November 23, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SKF. Miao Jun, President of Shanghai electric wind power group, and Tang Yurong, President of SKF Asia Pacific signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of circular economy, fan digitization and technology cost reduction... [details]

the 5S improvement effect of the roughcast warehouse of Chongqing water pump storage and transportation office is remarkable ()

recently, under the guidance of the HSE management office and Zhisheng team, Chongqing water pump company has carried out 5S improvement of the roughcast warehouse area. Before the improvement, because of its open-air characteristics, the blank warehouse was green, the area was chaotic, there was no sign and positioning, and the space utilization rate was low. The management team of the storage and transportation department used the existing... [details]

the 2020 annual meeting of the national mass density measurement technical committee was held ()

from November 24 to 27, the 2020 annual meeting of the national mass density measurement technical committee and the national measurement technical specification approval meeting were held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Suzhou measurement and testing institute weighing instrument testing room and physical and chemical testing room related engineers attended the meeting [details]

zhuqinglong, chairman of Evergrande Jianghai pump industry, was interviewed by Anhui TV station ()

recently, Zhu Qinglong, director of Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of large submersible pumps and equipment and chairman of Hefei Evergrande Jianghai Pump Industry Co., Ltd., attended the academic conference of the key laboratory, The training content closely focuses on the on-site 5S improvement and the direction and objectives of 5S management in 2020. At the training meeting, the 5S management system and standards were clarified, and the 5S improvement proposal methods were put forward. Each... [details]

the training course of CNOOC oil pump equipment was successfully completed in Naipu pump industry ()

on November 23, 2020, the training course of CNOOC oil pump equipment (phase I) was successfully opened in Hunan Naipu Pump Industry Co., Ltd. 30 equipment management and maintenance personnel from CNOOC Equipment Technology Shenzhen Branch, Huizhou oilfield, Enping oilfield, Liuhua oilfield, Xijiang oilfield, Beihai oil and other single aluminum utilization can reduce carbon dioxide emissions... [details]

Shaangu leapt to the top 100 of "China's top 500 machinery enterprises" and became the only enterprise in Shaanxi ()

on November 27, the Research Report on China's top 500 machinery enterprises issued by China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association showed that, Shaanxi blower (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shaangu") entered the list and jumped to the top 100 of the "top 500 Chinese machinery", ranking 38 higher than that in 2019, as shown in Table 4. It has become Shaanxi... [details]

Sinopec Yijie has deepened its business cooperation with ASEAN countries ()

Sinopec Yijie has established 27000 convenience stores across the country since 2008, Become the largest chain convenience store brand in China. Guangxi Yijie has been striving to make progress by giving full play to the brand advantages and channel advantages of Sinopec. Combined with Guangxi's geographical advantages as a trade window in Southeast Asia, it has fully exploited Southeast Asia... [details] since the launch of the "housekeeper" service, the majority of customers have experimented

Baling Petrochemical products have passed the green product certification in the petroleum and chemical industry ()

recently, The 2020 green product certification list for the petroleum and chemical industry organized by the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industry was released. Baling Petrochemical's environmental friendly SBS and epoxy resin products were listed and obtained the green product certificate for the petroleum and chemical industry [details]

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