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Technical measures for installation of universal material testing machine

(1) the testing machine shall be installed in a clean, dry, vibration free room whose temperature can lay a solid foundation for the completion of the national "1035" industrial green development goal and is controlled at (10 ~ 35) ℃. And the room shall have enough space to ensure that there is more than 70cm space around the testing machine for testing and routine maintenance

(2) dig a pit at the installation position of the testing machine, with the size greater than 50cm longer and wider than the base of the testing machine, and the depth not less than 30cm

the manufacturer of steering wheel rotation durability fatigue testing machine (3) shall pour concrete with strength grade not less than C20 in the pit, and leave holes for anchoring anchor bolts and pipelines for installing circuits and sensors when pouring concrete. The plane of concrete foundation shall be leveled horizontally

(4) the testing machine is connected to a three-phase four wire power supply, and the power supply shall be equipped with an air switch and a leakage protection device. The distance between the wire and the ground shall be more than 150 cm. A manual switch shall be installed on the wire to control the power supply of the testing machine

2 preliminary correction of the installation accuracy of the testing machine

the main body of the testing machine shall use the frame level or the plumb bob in the accessories to correct the verticality of the columns in two directions perpendicular to each other, and the verticality shall be adjusted by inserting a small iron plate at the bottom of the main body. Install the anchor screw, if equipped with spring washer. Use cement mortar with high strength to pour and fix the screw holes of each foot, fill the gaps between the testing machine and the ground, spray water for curing for more than one week, and then firm the screws

3 connection of hydraulic system

(1) remove the bundles of each part, and clean the inside of the oil pipe with clean kerosene, especially the connecting port screw threads of each oil pipe

(2) check whether the gasket at the joint is complete. If it is damaged due to transportation, install it with a new gasket attached to the testing machine to prevent oil leakage under high pressure

(3) use a suitable wrench to connect each oil pipe. If the seamless copper pipe is used, it should be connected to the host, and the distance should be adjusted by the movement of the console to connect the control console end

(4) drain the residual oil in the oil tank and remove the residual oil in the oil tank

(5) open the iron door of the hydraulic control box, and it can be seen that after a short period of time, the wire oil filter will inject oil into the oil tank through this oil filter. Hydraulic oil is usually used for the testing machine. Hydraulic oil with high viscosity shall be used in summer and hydraulic oil with low viscosity shall be used in winter

(6) pay close attention to the oil level when refueling. The test machine with too little oil can not work normally. The marking line is drawn on the prepared sample by printing or manual method (the addition of marking line will not have any impact on the sample). Too much oil will cause the hydraulic oil to leak from the working cylinder port

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