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Technical indicators and purchase practice of speed printing machine

although with the development of electronic technology, "paperless office" is becoming a trend, the vast majority of enterprises and institutions still use a large number of printed materials in their daily work. Such as documents and notices in party and government organs, examination papers in schools, publicity materials and quotations in commercial units, etc. This type of printed matter is often dominated by black-and-white manuscripts. The quantity requirements are relatively large, but the accuracy requirements can be relatively low. Take the school test paper as an example. Originally, mimeograph printing was used. Although now we can use a needle printer to print wax paper (finally, we don't need to engrave with iron pen and steel plate), the mimeograph method is too old. The speed is slow and the printing quality is poor. The disadvantage is that we can grasp a lot of them

some people say, can't you use a copier or printer? Yes, the printing quality of these two kinds of equipment is very good, but first, the use cost is high, and second, the speed is slow. If the printing number creates huge value for farmers planting fresh agricultural products, it is obviously very inappropriate to print more than 50 copies. In fact, there is a kind of equipment that is aimed at the current situation and the user group required by this application, which is the speed printing machine

the speed printer works by means of digital scanning and thermal plate making imaging. The printing quality is clear. The printing speed of mainstream models can reach more than 100 sheets per minute. At the same time, it also has many functions, such as original scaling printing, splicing printing, automatic paper separation control, etc. the vast majority of models can also support the direct output function of computer printing. So what are the main technical indicators of the speed printing machine, and what should be paid attention to when purchasing it

I. cognition of main technical indicators

1. printing format

like printers, printing format is also the primary consideration when purchasing speed printers through the efforts of all parties. If other technologies are poor, you may be able to make do with them reluctantly, but if the format of the speed printer is too small, there is no way. You can't ask the B4 speed printer to print A3 format manuscripts for you to compare with the previous ones

The printing format of the

speed printer is divided into two types: original supporting format, paper output format and printing output format. The original supported size refers to the maximum scanning size of the desktop of the speed printer, and the paper output size refers to the maximum output paper that can be used by the speed printer; Print output size refers to the maximum size of a document that can be output by a speed printer. You should know that no printed matter can print a piece of paper full, and always leave some margins (I think all users who have used word know this concept very well)

at present, the input format of the mainstream speed printing machine is basically B4 ~ A3 format, and the output format is basically A3 format

2. paper quality

as the printing quantity of the speed printer is large, whether it can support more economical paper is directly related to the use cost. A good speed printer should be able to use a variety of quality paper, so that it can meet the needs of different users and different applications

3. printing speed

compared with the copier, in addition to the low cost, one of the biggest advantages of the copier is its printing speed. At present, the vast majority of speed printing machines can reach the printing speed of more than 100 sheets per minute, and there are multiple speeds for users to choose

4. printing intelligibility

the printing intelligibility is related to the printing quality. Like the printer, it is also identified by DPI, but the accuracy index does not need to be as high as the printer. Generally speaking, 300 ~ 400DPI is enough

5. the supported zoom ratio

is the same as the copier. It can enlarge and reduce the original for printing. There is no doubt that the larger the range of zoom ratios, the better. However, it should be noted that some products are scaled in stages, that is to say, it specifies several fixed ratios, while some products are infinitely scaled. The scaling ratio can be defined by the user and can be accurate to 2 ~ 3 digits after the decimal point. In terms of function, of course, the latter is much stronger than the former

II. Purchase practice

1. pay attention to key technical indicators

there are many technical indicators of speed printing machine, but what key technical indicators should users pay attention to first when purchasing. Because they determine the basic performance of the product. Especially for the paper quality, for some users who have a great demand for printing and do not have a high demand for paper (such as the school used to print test papers), products that can support more economical paper can greatly reduce the use cost of users

2. choose the product functionality according to your actual needs

in addition to the differences in basic performance indicators, the speed printer also has many special functions. Different products have different functions, and the difference and number of functions also directly affect the product price, and the price difference is relatively large. Therefore, users should choose according to their actual application needs when purchasing, and carefully consider which functions they need, which functions they do not need, and which functions can be replaced by equipment that can be selected according to different products or existing product standards. That is to avoid the waste of functions, but also to avoid the situation that the required functions are not selected

3. after sales service is an important factor in product selection

the size of the speed printing machine is relatively large, so it is very inconvenient to send it for repair after a fault occurs, and it is very necessary for the manufacturer to carry out on-site maintenance. At the same time, the rapid printing machine also needs regular maintenance, which is part of the after-sales service. Users must consider when purchasing, and do not try to bring big trouble to themselves because of small and cheap prices

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