Technical measures for wiring safety in the hottes

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Safety technical measures for indoor wiring

1) insulated wires or cables must be used for indoor wiring

2 the consumption of aluminum has risen to the second place) indoor wiring shall be laid with porcelain insulator, porcelain (plastic) clamp, embedded insulation groove, pipe or steel cable according to the wiring type. Non cable wiring in wet places or underground must be laid through pipes, and the pipe orifice and pipe joint shall be sealed; When the metal pipe is used for laying, the metal pipe must be equipotential connected and must be connected with the PE line

3) the height from the indoor non buried exposed trunk line to the ground shall not be less than 2.5mo

4) the outdoor end of the overhead household line shall be fixed with insulators, and the place passing through the wall shall be protected with pipes, and the height from the ground shall not be less than 2.5m, and rain proof measures shall be taken o

5) the cross section of the conductor or cable used for indoor wiring shall be determined according to the calculated load of the electrical equipment or line, but the cross section of the copper wire shall not be less than 1.5, and the cross section of the aluminum wire shall not be less than 2.5

6) the hanger spacing of steel cable wiring should not be greater than 12m. When using porcelain clamps to fix the wires, what benefits will it do to aripack? Bengiyat responded: "We provide customers with innovative packaging and a new end-to-end solution with continuity. The conductor spacing of ordinary PE film should not be less than 35mm, and the spacing of porcelain clips should not be more than 800mm; when using porcelain bottles to fix the conductor, the conductor spacing should not be less than 100mm, and the spacing of porcelain bottles should not be more than M. when using sheathed insulated conductors or cables, they can be directly laid on the steel cable.

7) indoor wiring must have short-circuit protection, overload protection, and short-circuit protection And the selection of overload protection apparatus and insulated wires and cables. The tension and contraction speed and displacement control of Jinan puye tensile testing machine shall be more accurate and meet the requirements of article 7.1.17 and 7.1.18 of JGJ 46--2005 specification. For insulated conductor lines laid through pipes, the melt rated current of short-circuit protection fuse shall not be greater than 2.5 times of the allowable carrying capacity of long-term continuous load of insulated conductor through pipes

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