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Gaobaolibida 105 split multicolor offset press technology highlights

gaobaolibida 105 split multicolor offset press has the following performance:

1. real green design

gaobaolibida 105 printing press advanced design and low alcohol or alcohol-free technology make libida 105 a real green printing press. During the Drupa2000 world printing Expo, the German health and Safety Commission and the European authoritative Environmental Protection Agency officially named libida 105 ecopres2000 after testing various emissions of libida 105, and issued a certificate, becoming the first sheet fed offset press to obtain an environmental protection certificate. Its launch has caused a great sensation in the industry and received widespread attention. This marks that the gaobaoli Bida series of printing machines have once again taken the lead in the world

2. paper feeding device

the performance of the paper feeding device directly affects the speed of the printer and the positioning overprint accuracy of the paper. Therefore, a high-grade printer should have a set of high-grade paper feeding device

the strain at a certain point of the elastic element of one libida material testing machine is directly proportional to the force on the elastic element 105 split multi-color printing machine adopts the remote-control high-speed and high-efficiency paper feeding machine developed by gaobao, which must be regularly replaced and checked. It is equipped with an electrostatic elimination device, which can accurately separate almost all the printing materials from thin paper to thick cardboard and plastic film, and it is convenient and simple to replace the printing materials, No parts need to be replaced

the paper feeding table of libida 105 is the highest in the same specification at present. Its height is 1.3m, and it can be padded up to 1.7 ~ 1.9 (m), so even if it is a thick cardboard printing, it will not change the paper frequently

the height of the flying head of libida 105 is directly electrically adjusted by the motor, and the skew can be adjusted at the flying head, so that the operator can accurately adjust it through the central console to ensure the smooth separation of paper during high-speed printing

libida 105 adopts a new paper deceleration device, which makes the paper feeding more stable and positioning more accurate, and is more conducive to the separation, handover and positioning of the paper during high-speed operation. Variable speed paper feeding is a symbol of high-end printing machines

libida 105's paper board conveying table is more characteristic. It adopts a vacuum suction belt paper board conveying table with a paper pressing rod. This can not only adapt to high-quality paper, but also ensure that some poor quality paper is unimpeded during printing. At the same time, there are lines on the surface of the paperboard conveying table, which can also eliminate static electricity

libida 105 is equipped with a central size pre adjustment system and an automatic paper stack centering device. As long as the paper size is input at the console, all the separation mechanisms of the Feida head on the paper feeder, the paper handling mechanism on the paper feeder, the side pull gauge and the paper leveling mechanism at the paper receiving part are automatically adjusted, which greatly shortens the printing preparation time and improves the productivity

3. paper feeding device

the paper transfer mechanism adopts the bottom swing paper transfer teeth widely used in high-end printing machines, which fully ensures that each paper has sufficient positioning time, improves the overprint accuracy, and ensures the low curvature operation of the paper. It is also suitable for printing various substrate materials (including materials with great rigidity)

pneumatic side pull gauge is adopted and controlled by the central console. It is not necessary to replace any parts when replacing the substrate

advanced ultrasonic double sheet controller is adopted to make the detection more accurate and expand the detection range, so as to meet the needs of various printing industries

4. The transmission device

libida 105 is driven by a stepless variable speed DC motor, and then the whole power is transmitted by the first printing unit as the transmission point by the high-precision helical gear set. The gear set absolutely ensures the stability and synchronization of the transmission, and makes the machine run quite smoothly during high-speed printing, improves the overprint accuracy, and avoids the occurrence of gear bars

and the whole lubrication system adopts a fully automatic central lubrication system

5. printing device

the printing device is the main functional part of the printing machine that directly completes the graphic transfer printing process, and is the heart of the printing machine. The printing device is composed of a plate cylinder, a rubber cylinder, an imprint cylinder and the driving parts at the corresponding cylinder end, a paper transfer device, a clutch and pressing mechanism, etc. Therefore, the selection and use of advanced and reasonable structure, the manufacturing and assembly accuracy and quality of key parts are the key to ensure that the printing device is in a good working state. The key to printing high quality printed matter

the lower fuselage of each unit of libida 105, including the cross beam and side wall panels, are cast as a whole, and the upper inking and wetting devices are arranged in a brickwork shape with the lower part, which makes the whole printing machine have good anti distortion and stability during high-speed operation, that is to say, libida 105 avoids the appearance of ghosting from the design, thus improving the printing quality. This design is unique to the gaobaoli Bida printing machine, and its advantages are unmatched by any other model

the arrangement of rollers is particularly important in the design of printing presses. It is not only related to the shape and operating performance of the machine, but also related to the overall layout of the machine. At the same time, the structural arrangement of the printing cylinder is one of the symbols that reflect the main characteristics of a printing machine. Libida 105 adopts the seven o'clock drum arrangement and the proven double diameter embossing drum and paper conveyor design, which represents the development trend of contemporary offset printing machines. Its advantages are as follows:

① shorten the transmission route of the whole machine, reduce the transmission error, improve the transmission accuracy of the whole machine, make the machine layout compact and reasonable, reduce the handover times in the paper transmission process, and reduce the position change error in the paper handover process, Thus, the overprint accuracy is improved

② fully ensure that when printing the largest paper, it can also be handed over after the printing is completed during the paper biting period of the embossing cylinder, so as to eliminate the impact of the paper handover process and the motion error between the two cylinders on the printing quality, avoid the tailing phenomenon, and effectively avoid the impact of water and ink absorption and premature paper feeding on the overprint quality

③ large roller radius, small curvature and smooth roller surface can reduce the deformation of points and improve the printing quality

④ make the machine more adaptable, not only for thin paper printing, but also for thick cardboard printing. At the same time, it is also conducive to the smooth progress of paper receiving and the completion of subsequent processing

the shaft end bearing of libida 105 printing machine is a high-precision multi row non clearance bearing, so that the machine can not only print with shoulder iron, but also print without shoulder iron. This is a high-end printing machine

the bite row on the libida 105 drum adopts a unique cat claw system, which is composed of a rough tooth tongue and a composite tooth pad with grooved metal surface and polystyrene coating, so that the bite row has a high paper holding force, and it is not necessary to adjust the bite row when changing the printing materials, saving adjustment time and improving productivity

libida 105 adopts an advanced air cushion non-contact and non rubbing paper guide system, which effectively solves the possibility of back rubbing and paper surface scratching in the process of paper transfer, improves the printing quality and reduces the scrap rate

the standard configuration of libida 105 is equipped with an automatic version change device without any tools. It can also be equipped with a fully automatic version change device as required. Through this device, the printing plate can be changed quickly, which saves time and improves the overprint accuracy

6. the printing quality of the ink transfer device is directly related to the design quality, manufacturing accuracy and use adjustment of the ink transfer device. That is, it is related to the length and direction of ink path, inking rate, ink uniformity coefficient, etc

the libida 105 ink transfer device has an advanced ink color (ink transfer volume) automatic tracking system and any phase adjustment device of the ink transfer roller, which can automatically adjust the ink transfer volume with the machine speed; The phase of inking roller can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the needs of special printing

libida 105 adopts an open, single ink path ink transfer system with rapid response. The ink rollers are arranged in a Z-shape. It is the one with the least number of ink rollers and the best ink uniformity effect among various ink roller arrangements at present. The ink can reach the printing plate quickly and evenly. At the same time, it can effectively and timely eliminate the hidden dangers of heat, extend the service life of equipment, greatly reduce the startup scrap rate, and also conform to the international development trend of small number of cots and short ink path. In addition, the four plate leaning rollers can control the serial movement from the console as required, and the ghost is well eliminated

libida 105 can separate the power of the entire inking device, simplifying the operation and greatly extending the service life of the entire inking device

when the inking device of libida 105 is shut down, two parts are automatically separated, thus solving the problem of serious color deviation in re printing caused by the shutdown of the printing machine that has not been solved for many years

the ink bucket of libida 105 is a colazi ink bucket, which is equipped with 34 30mm wide cemented carbide scrapers. It has a large diameter and is not easy to deform. The surface of the ink roller is coated with a ceramic layer, and the speed of the ink roller is automatically compensated, which can not only meet special requirements, but also ensure the high-precision repeatability of the ink roller

the ink path of libida 105 makes full preparations for the thermostatic device of the ink conveying device, solves the defect that the influence of temperature fluctuation on the ink during high-speed printing cannot be compensated, and can be used for water free printing and UV printing in the future

7. The difference between the wetting device

offset press and other printing machines lies in the direct participation of water in the printing process. How to control the water supply to a minimum under the premise of achieving the best printing quality is the key of offset printing technology and the core of the wetting device design. Therefore, the success of the wetting device design will directly determine the quality of printed matter

libida 105 adopts the vaidamp continuous alcohol wetting device, with pre wetting and post wetting functions, and automatic speed compensation. Therefore, the water supply is stable, the ink can be quickly balanced, suitable for high-speed and high-quality printing, and the startup scrap rate is reduced

8. The paper receiving device

gaobaolibida 105 paper receiving platform is also 1300mm high, which can be increased to 1700mm or 1900mm as required. The paper receiving chain is closed and maintenance free, Shadowless for UV printing "As a matter of fact, the paper delivery grits its teeth, and the tooth opening time is automatically compensated with the speed and can be adjusted remotely.

9. online operation

the gaobaoli Bida 105 split multi-color printing machine has been fully considered in its design to meet the needs of modern and future printing. It can realize coding, arranging holes, online polishing and drying online, etc., which makes the potential of gaobaoli Bida 105 machine be brought into full play.

10. automation Control

if the printing unit is the heart of the printing press, the control part is a well deserved nervous system. The degree of automation is the need of social development, and its level directly reflects the level of the printing press

libida 105 is equipped with kbaopera open ergonomic automation system, which can implement several levels of automation on the basis of fully digital data exchange, up to the entire printing plant, so as to optimize the use of printing machines and enterprise management. It is composed of ergotronic, colortronic, kbadesitronic, kbalogotronic, kbalogotronics, kbaqulitroni, etc. Through this system, the ink feeding device, water supply device and overprint device of the whole printing machine can be directly

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