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The main long-term goal of machine tool manufacturing technology has always been to improve productivity and processing quality. However, in recent years, with the enhancement of environmental awareness and the increasing shortage of natural resources, the effective use of energy and resources in the production process and the reduction of pollution are playing a more and more important role in the design concept of machine tools. However, parts with high precision and fine surface roughness generally need to be machined by cutting on the machine tool. In general machine manufacturing, the processing workload undertaken by machine tools accounts for 40%-60% of the total manufacturing workload of machines. Machine tools play an important role in the modernization of the national economy. At present, with the higher and higher requirements of industrial products, the requirements of related enterprises for machine tools are also higher and higher. In the future, its machine tools will take the growth of high-end machine tools as the mainstream, which also shows that its technical content will directly determine the future market sales of machine tools

many enterprises see the urgency and long-term significance of the structural adjustment of the machine tool industry, actively adjust the product structure, and boldly break the business model established over the years. Machine tool enterprises must seize this rare historical opportunity:

first of all, they should take the development of high-end equipment manufacturing as the main direction of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, take solving the contradiction of overcapacity as the focus of structural adjustment this year, make use of the market forcing mechanism, speed up the elimination of backward production capacity, and strive to promote the upgrading of product structure to the high end

secondly, we should focus on promoting innovation driven development, rely on major national science and technology projects and key projects, increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, strive to improve the ability of independent innovation, focus on breaking through a number of technological bottlenecks, and break the situation that some key core technologies are controlled by others

thirdly, we should accelerate the research and development of key basic materials, core basic parts, advanced basic processes and industrial technology, focus on solving a number of major key technologies in the three basic fields, and consolidate the solid foundation for building an upgraded version of made in China; In addition, we should speed up the merger and reorganization of advantageous enterprises, strengthen the international operation ability and level, and strive to improve the comprehensive competitive strength

China's machine tool industry has reached a critical stage of transformation and upgrading. The whole industry must clearly realize that structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading are related to the overall situation of China's machine tool industry, and it is a necessary stage for China's machine tool industry to change from big to strong

we should attack the CNC system like two bombs and one satellite and high-speed rail.

we can comprehensively analyze the basic characteristics, main contradictions and recent significant changes in the domestic market of the industry at this stage. It is not difficult for us to judge that the machine tool industry is at a critical turning point to achieve major strategic changes. Luobaihui, the chief researcher of the golden mold machine tool through a set of scientific quantitative system, believes that, first of all, from the perspective of national development strategy, high-end machine tool products are heavily dependent on imports, which is related to national defense and economic security. Secondly, strategic transformation has been an inevitable choice for the survival and development of the industry. In recent years, the development of industry enterprises has laid a solid industry foundation for the implementation of the strategic transformation from big to strong in the whole industry. It can be said that from big to strong has become the common desire and inevitable choice of the industry

the fifth executive director (enlarged) meeting of the sixth session held by China Machine Tool Industry Association in October, 2011 adopted the key points of work for the machine tool industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period (Trial), and proposed to focus on improving the supporting capacity of medium and high-end CNC systems and functional components as one of the key tasks of the industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period; It clearly puts forward three landmark goals for the industry to become stronger during the 12th Five Year Plan Period: first, make breakthroughs in providing equipment and services for the core manufacturing fields of key industries; Second, the domestic market share of medium and high-end CNC machine tools has increased significantly, and the domestic market share of medium and high-end CNC systems and functional components has increased significantly; Third, a number of world-famous brands and advantageous enterprises have been formed

Luo Baihui suggested: lay a good foundation and strive to solve various mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and optical components and functional components, NC system, cutting tools, measurement, accessories and their functional supporting facilities necessary for machine tools; Focus on improving the accuracy, efficiency, automation, reliability, stability and durability of processing technology and machine tools; Attach great importance to the CNC system and increase the investment in the original innovation of the CNC system. It is understood that Japan falak has invested about 2billion yuan a year for more than 20 years. China is a big manufacturing country in the world and also a big machine tool country. At present, there are about 18million CNC machine tools in China, and the consumption of machine tools has been the first in the world for 7 consecutive years. According to the international elimination rate of 3%, nearly 240000 machine tools enter the elimination process every year, accounting for about half of the domestic production of new machine tools. If we make full use of the bed, column and other castings of waste machine tools and repair and transform them, we can save about 60% of energy consumption and 70% of steel block size of 12.7 × twelve point seven × The cost of 19mm3 can reduce the emission of pollutants by more than 80% without worrying about the colonization and eating of termites and other insects, so as to realize circular production

in these links, although it sounds like a renovation, the renovation is carried out under the condition of comprehensive renovation, not just for the appearance. China's energy consumption per unit of GDP is several times that of developed countries. The development of remanufacture will effectively reduce the energy consumption per unit of GDP. These are in line with China's energy-saving and efficient policies. It is also very helpful to reduce the product cost of relevant production enterprises

according to Luo Baihui, although China's remanufacturing industry has great development potential, it still faces bottlenecks such as insufficient policy support, imperfect legal system, lack of market supervision, and weak R & D capability of key technologies due to insufficient understanding. These are related problems that need to be solved urgently in the future development of remanufacture industry in China

CNC machine tools are "two bombs and one satellite" in the equipment manufacturing industry. We should attack the CNC system like "two bombs and one satellite" and "high-speed rail". We should organize first-class experts in dozens of professional disciplines such as electrical, machinery, materials, motors, computers and production technology, and concentrate our strengths to tackle key problems. Like many entrepreneurs in other industries, many entrepreneurs in China's machine tool industry have an indomitable spirit of struggle. After years of hard work, they are full of confidence in the future while feeling great pressure

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