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Heidelberg CD74 printing machine technology highlights

it is applicable to a variety of substrates, up to 10 color decks, and can be equipped with glazing and UV functions to ensure that the Speedmaster CD74 has great flexibility and high productivity

in the summer of 2005, Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. launched its speedpa CD74 multi-color group reverse printing machine, which can have as many as 10 color groups and be equipped with a polishing unit. At the drupa2004 exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Heidelberg once exhibited its speedpa CD74 six color belt turning function printing machine. Its performance is second to none among similar models in the world. It can realize rapid conversion between thin paper and thick paperboard, or single-sided and double-sided printing, and ensure high-quality double-sided printing at the same time. Users who initially installed the CD74 flip printer were very satisfied with its performance, especially the potential profits brought by its production speed and cost-effectiveness. It can meet the special needs of customers and make these printing enterprises stand out from the competition. Now, the CD74 multi-color group reverse printing machine is also put on the market as a part of the product series. Moreover, this model can be equipped with complete UV technology for a variety of glazing applications and printing surface processing, so as to further improve its flexibility. CD74 can also use 0.03mm thin paper to 0.8mm thick paperboard to print four-color or five color moving parts at one time. Using UV mode, you can even print films and plastic cards. The fast preparation time and high automation level make it very suitable for commercial, packaging and trademark printing enterprises

"the use of the speedpa CD74 eight color printing machine has increased our productivity by 30%," said Mr. Kurt paredis, CEO of haletra printing company in Belgium. As a test user, the printing company installed the world's first CD74 multi-color group turnover printer. "Smooth paper transfer, reliable paper turnover process and the use of a variety of substrates are the excellent performance of CD74," Mr. paredis continued. Therefore, printing enterprises can accept a very short delivery time, sometimes even within 24 hours to provide their customers with a wide variety of printing products. The British printing company Hickling squires is also very satisfied with the performance of its installed CD74 eight color printing machine. "The preparation time is very short and the printing quality is very excellent," said Mr. Richard wells, the head of the company. "We use large grams of paper, including cardboard. The preset setting of Feida is simple and fast, which improves our productivity."

wells explained. "Today, 75% of the orders of printing enterprises are double-sided four-color moving parts. It is most appropriate to use a cd-p printer."

cd74 series printing if you have other questions, the machine can provide two demonstration platforms to promote the production and utilization of integrated circuit materials, new energy automobile materials, green building new materials, etc. to build different formats - f format is used for packaging and printing 60.5 cm x 74 cm, and C format is used for commercial printing 53 cm x 74 cm. Mecklenburg printing company, located near L ü Beck, Germany, installed and used a speedpa CD74 five-color transfer brush with glazing unit and extended paper receiving. "F format enables us to double the previous output when printing some special products such as CD covers." Jens zehl, President of the company, said that based on the full utilization of paper, the company's productivity increased by 50%. Mr. zehl was very impressed by the extremely short preparation time of the CD74 printer and the convenient operation in the P2000 control center for the efficient use of solar energy and wind energy through the high molecular materials of Yintong C. he has ordered another speedpa CD74 eight color flip printer with glazing unit

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