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The information impact testing machine of China Construction machinery is mainly used for testing the mechanical function targets of all kinds of metal, non-metal and composite materials. The working boom and basket are the main components of the working device of the telescopic boom type high-altitude working platform. The load it receives is very complex and requires very high strength. Combined with the actual working conditions of the aerial work platform, the overall performance of the gtzz series three section boom products of Yunxiang heavy industry has been highly recognized by the majority of leasing customers. The machine uses the establishment of the overall finite element model of the third section boom of the working boom and the hanging basket to conduct finite element analysis on the most unfavorable working conditions and obtain the stress distribution. Performance is the specific effect of different functions of a product in the actual use process. To meet the performance requirements is an important goal of product design. An improved scheme with high accuracy and sensitivity for the measurement and control of load and displacement of the third arm of gtzz aerial work platform and the optimal overall performance of the basket is presented

As a special engineering machinery equipment, the aerial work platform is widely used in shipbuilding, construction, municipal construction, fire protection, port and other industries, and has a broad development prospect. Operation safety and reliability are the most critical performance indexes of aerial work platform. How to effectively control the design cost of aerial work platform, shorten the time to market, and meet its high-performance needs has become the focus of the current aerial work platform market competition

the structure of the turntable of the aerial work platform is analyzed to determine the stress and strain distribution of the turntable under dangerous working conditions, and the three arm structure improvement scheme is given

as a mechatronic product, the aerial work platform has the characteristics of systematicness, comprehensiveness and complexity, especially the working device composed of the working arm and its basket, which bears the load of the manned platform of the aerial work platform and various external loads during operation, and uses a variety of consolidation methods to connect internally, which will produce many interference coupling phenomena. Therefore, how to obtain the overall performance and working conditions of the working device of the aerial work platform to adapt to its changeable and unpredictable working environment is the technical focus of the three arm aerial work platform

gtzz*a the working boom of the main working device of the aerial work platform is divided into three sections, which are composed of one section of arm, two sections of arm and three sections of arm from bottom to top. When the aerial work platform is running, the working arm retracts and overlaps and extends during operation. The first boom helps you further understand that the equipment is fixed with a telescopic oil cylinder. There is a movable pulley mechanism at the end of the telescopic oil cylinder and it is fixed on the second boom. When the working boom extends, the telescopic oil cylinder pushes the second boom and the movable pulley mechanism sleeved in the first boom, and then the pulley block pulls out the three boom sleeved in the second boom through the steel wire rope, finally extending the basket at the end of the three boom. The retraction of the working arm is to pull back the second section of the arm with the telescopic oil cylinder, and then pull back the third section of the arm with the movable pulley mechanism fixed on the second section of the arm, so as to finally retract the basket. The schematic diagram of aerial work platform is shown in the figure

3 arms are supported by self-lubricating nylon material, which can slide relatively, while (basket support + basket) and the third arm are connected by pin shaft, as shown in the figure

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