Technical measures for safety production at the th

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Technical measures for safety production at the mine entrance

+320 main Lane West No. 1 pump room is 27.93m to the north

II. Support requirements:

the original support type is still used, and the quality acceptance standard is the same as the original measures

III. safety requirements:

1 Before the penetration, the penetration position must be comprehensively inspected, and the problems found shall be handled in time to ensure that the roof support near the penetration position is safe and reliable

        2. Before penetration and before each blasting, the gas concentration in the air flow near the blasting site shall be checked. Only when the gas concentration in the air flow of the roadway is lower than 0.5%, the blasting can be carried out. Otherwise, charging and blasting are strictly prohibited

        3. Before each charging and shooting, the team leader and the team leader must assign special personnel to guard all the passageways 150 meters away from the shooting point, and organize personnel to withdraw beyond the warning line. The personnel who start the pump in the pump room must evacuate 100 meters away from the west of the pump room and take shelter according to the warning requirements of team 25. It is strictly forbidden to stay in the pump room

        4. Before shooting, a special person shall be assigned to guard the empty and loaded vehicle lines in advance. Vehicles are strictly prohibited from passing through the warning area (vehicles are locked after power failure). After blasting, after the blasting warning order is removed, the attendant of team 25 shall notify the site coordinator of team 1 of the operation team, and the vehicle can slowly ring the bell to pass through the area under the command of its site coordinator

        5. During shooting, the operator shall remove all personnel within the warning line to the outside of the warning line before notifying the gunner to shoot. After receiving the shooting order from the team leader, the gunner shall wait at least 5 seconds before blasting

        6. The shooting system of "one shot, three inspections" and "three person chain" shall be adhered to. The warning personnel shall not leave the warning line without notice

        7. After blasting, the blaster, gas inspector and team leader can inspect the blasting site, check the ventilation, gas, roof, support, blasting rejection and residual blasting of the working face only after the blasting smoke of the working face is blown away, and deal with the problems found in a timely manner. No other personnel can enter the working face until it is confirmed that there is no danger

        8. In case of refusal and residual blasting, it must be handled in accordance with Article 342 of the coal mine safety regulations under the on-site guidance of the team leader and operators

        9. Before blasting and after the blasting warning is lifted, the shift leader shall arrange the team leader to check the support conditions of the heading face and the northern penetration of the original pump house. If any abnormality is found, it must be handled in time before other work

        10. When the excavation is close to 5M from the penetration, it is required to use small blasting for excavation, control the charging amount within 1.0 section of each hole, and use more drilling and less charging for construction. Start drilling when it is 5m away from the penetration point. When penetrating the roadway, it is necessary to drill through the roadway, and drill a crosshead according to the penetration conditions. Blasting construction is strictly prohibited when the remaining 1 meter is left, and only the hand pick is allowed to brush the coal. During the construction period, a special person must be arranged to watch the roof. The roof watcher must carefully check the roadway support. If any problem is found, a special person must be arranged to deal with it. Global recycled plastic information: now many new material construction products need to be improved and upgraded, and the old and new can continue the construction

        11. During the construction, the construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the middle waist line hung by the geological survey department, and the error shall be guaranteed within the specified range to meet the design requirements

        12. During the construction, the system of "knocking on the side and asking for the top" shall be strictly implemented, and the team leader shall designate experienced old workers to monitor the top plate condition. In case of any danger omen, the construction personnel shall be evacuated to a safe place in time

        13. The shift leader shall be responsible for the on-site command of the team leader to ensure the construction quality and safety

        14. The geological survey department shall mark the penetration location at the pre penetration location in advance

        15. After the connection, the ventilation area is responsible for preparing series air measures

        16. Other matters not covered shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the coal mine safety regulations

        17. This measure must be implemented in detail to the employees and the signing procedures must be strictly performed

new measures

due to the need of reconstructing the water sump of the Middle East ventilation system at the bottom of the auxiliary shaft, it is decided that the third team will drive an annular water sump opposite the old shunting chamber at the bottom of the shaft. In order to ensure safe construction and project quality, the following safety technical measures are specially prepared:

I. expanded section size and process requirements:

I. the specifications and dimensions are shown in the attached drawing construction drawing of the Middle East I ventilation system transformation sump

1. The roadway adopts "anchor, cable + shotcreting" composite support. After expansion, the roadway has a net lower width of 4000mm and a net height of 400mm, including 4000mm above the pavement. Anchor bolt specification: ∮ 22x2500mm equal strength anchor bolt, 600mmx600mm spacing between rows, paved with metal diamond. The lap joint is 100mm, and one buckle is connected every 200mm in a "three flower" arrangement. The shotcreting thickness is 100mm (see the attached figure)

2. After the roadway is expanded, if the surrounding rock is not good, anchor the 4863 type 36U retractable arch support first, and control the roof by wedging. Net dimension of the roadway: net width 4700mm, net height 3300mm (net dimension outside the track 600mm in the West shall prevail). Then spray 50 ~ 100mm mortar on the shed to close it. The beam legs of the 36U shed are overlapped 450mm, connected with metal pull plates, and the cable clamping screws are tightened with a special torque wrench. The shed shall not be tilted forward, and multiple transient overvoltage protection measures shall be taken for tilting back, running water and walking

4. After the expansion, the ditch shall be built with red bricks (120mm wall in the West and 240mm wall in the East, with C20 mortar as the bottom, 200mm thick). The mortar ratio is 1:3, pointing, plastering and calendering, with a clear depth of 500mm and a clear width of 400mm. It shall be built from south to North according to a -4 ‰ slope

5. The construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the middle waist line determined by the production geological survey department

II. Construction method

1. The roadway is constructed in strict accordance with the requirements of the middle waist line given by the survey department. The peripheral holes are arranged on the roadway contour line. The eye distance is 300mm, the distance between the two circles of holes is 400mm, and the distance between the two circles of holes and the peripheral holes is 300mm. The peripheral holes adopt the single section air column forward charging structure, and are connected in series. The length of the sealing gun mud shall not be less than 300mm. Water gun mud must be used for each gun hole during charging

2. The system of "one excavation and one shotcreting, two excavation and one hanging" must be strictly implemented, that is, the initial shotcreting shall be conducted once for each excavation cycle, the thickness of the initial shotcreting shall be 70mm, and the hanging shall be conducted once for each excavation cycle. The maximum towing distance of the hanging shall be 4m, and the maximum distance from the re spraying to the head shall be 5m

3. The ditch is located at the east side of the roadway (the temperature rises or drops by 0mm 10 to the East), and the upper surface is flush with the track surface. Before the ditch is built, the line shall be hung. The gutter shall be provided with wooden bracing every 5 ~ 7m (30mm in thickness and width, 380mm in length) to prevent deviation. Neutral water must be used for concrete mixing, and sewage, acid and alkaline water are strictly prohibited. The ditch shall be free of honeycombs, dog holes and pockmarks. The concrete strength shall not be lower than C20 based on the standard that there are no bubbles in the mortar on the surface

III. support sequence and requirements

permanent support sequence of two shotcreting and one anchor roadways: initial shotcreting, injection and bolting, and re shotcreting to form roadways

if the domestic minimum is 5T when the top crushing frame is 36U shed, the permanent support sequence of the roadway is as follows: initial spraying, injection and bolting, and re spraying to form the roadway

1. Permanent roadway support

A. anchor and shotcrete are used for support. Among them, the two side anchor bolts are grouted at -60 °, the other anchor bolts are perpendicular to the rock surface or roadway contour line, and each anchor bolt is anchored with a piece of anchoring agent. Install with the anchor bolt installation machine. The gel time of the rapid anchoring agent is 41 ~ 90s. Tighten the tray after 3 ~ 5min and close to the rock surface. The exposed wire length of the anchor bolt is 30 ~ 50mm, and the anchoring force is ≥ 85kn 15min after installation

during metal installation, it must be close to the roadway rock surface, and the pieces must be straight, and then press the anchor bolt tray to tighten the nut. The exposed length of the anchor bolt is 30 ~ 50mm

B. if the roof is broken, anchor the rear 36U support. The column socket of the shed is 250mm deep and must be planted to the solid bottom. Two 3.5m long φ sixty × The 3.5mm steel pipe is used as the front probe support. Before the upper beam, the beam shall be screwed with double strand 8\y wire and then fixed firmly with the front probe beam to ensure the construction safety. The 8y wire shall not be reused

C. re spray and spray 100mm thick C20 concrete. The mix ratio is cement: sand = 1:2 (weight ratio). P.c32.5 ordinary cement is used for cement, and medium grain river sand is used for sand. The water cement ratio is 0.4 ~ 0.45. (such as erecting a shed, spraying 50 ~ 100mm to close the shed, spraying 10mm on the surface of the 36U shed). There shall be no honeycomb, pitted surface or barefoot wearing skirt

D. C20 concrete is used for ditch bottoming and masonry, and its mix ratio is cement: Sand: water = 1:2.2:0.6 (weight ratio). P.c32.5 ordinary cement is used for cement, and medium grain river sand is used for sand

2. Temporary support

"two shotcreting and one anchor" process adopts the initial shotcreting and front probe rod as temporary support. Two steel pipe supports for front detection shall be used as temporary support for shed erection

23 4.0m long φ sixty × The 3.5mm steel pipe shall be processed and manufactured, and the combined lifting rings that cooperate with the bolt processing shall be hung in the lane and the three adjacent bolts on the left and right. When the anchor bolt is ≯ 900mm away from the head-on and the top plate is complete, the front probe support may not be used. When it is greater than or equal to 900mm, the front probe support must be used. Three hanging points shall be set for each boom. Sufficient top materials (specification length) shall be used between the front probe support and the top plate × wide × Thickness =1200mm × 100mm × 50mm) and wooden wedges. The front probe support must be used for the erection of the shed. Three hanging points shall be set for each cantilever. Sufficient top materials (specification length) shall be used between the front probe support and the top plate × wide × Thickness =1200mm × 100mm × 50mm) and wooden wedges

30 sufficient topping materials and 40 wooden wedges shall be prepared on site and stacked neatly in a safe place. The initial spraying is C20 concrete with a thickness of 70mm

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