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The dressing table is specially used for makeup and beauty, not necessarily for women, but also for women

the dressing table is specially used for makeup and beauty. It is not necessarily a special article for women. Of course, it is also a furniture that women use more. In the furniture market, the shape of the dressing table can be described as a mirror with different styles, unique and exquisite, round, square, long, oval and geometric shapes, which is brilliant. It is not only a tool table for dressing and beauty, but also a scenic spot in furniture decoration. It plays an important decorative role in the room space

the dressing table is generally composed of a dressing mirror, a dressing table, a dressing cabinet, a dressing chair, and a dressing mirror lamp. The mirror has different sizes and shapes, so that the dresser can clearly see his face from all angles. Special lighting fixtures are generally installed on both sides of the mirror, so that light can shine evenly on people's faces. It is also installed above the mirror, but the effect is not necessarily the best. The dressing table is usually placed on one side of the bedroom. Its ideal position is the corner of the left and right sides of the bed, but it cannot illuminate the whole bed. Don't face the bed directly. In short, it's better not to see the scenery on the bed from the mirror

if your bedroom is relatively small, you may omit the dressing table and place the dressing tools of the dressing table in the corner of the bathroom, but after all, it is a last resort. Having a special dressing table is still more convenient and practical. There are various forms of dressers, which can be divided into the following types according to their functions:

1 Bedside table type: generally connected with the bedside, with a strong sense of integrity. The dressing table is also used as a bedside table to save floor space

2. Combined type: there are high combined type and low combined type. The high combined dressing table is designed in the combined cabinet, occupying a small unit; The low combination type generally connects the dressing table with the low cabinet, with staggered height and strong decoration

3. Desk type: it can have the functions of dressing table and writing at the same time. It is suitable for families with more than 2 people studying and writing at the same time

4. Connected bed type: it is arranged in connection with the bed, and the modeling design should strive to be harmonious and unified with the bed

5. Combined cabinet type: located in the combined cabinet, it does not occupy too much space, and is suitable for small-area rooms

6. Single point type: including corner type, that is, use the corner space to set. One line type, that is, the platform is built on a wall. This kind of shape can not only be unified with other furniture forms, but also have its own characteristics, which can make a great breakthrough in shape

with the progress of the times and the fact that China's housing is usually not very spacious, the dresser is not only a piece of furniture used for dressing and beauty, but also has the functions of writing desk, bedside table, side table and other furniture, and the role of the dresser in bedroom furniture is also self-evident

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