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Today we are going to discuss some neglected uses of curtains in our home life. 90% of people will not use them like this! If you don't use the curtains properly, it will not only bring trouble to your life, but also cause property damage

it is estimated that many little friends are stunned to see this title. Who can't use the curtain? Just pull it by hand. Advanced ones can also be remotely controlled. However, how to control is not the key. Today we are going to discuss some neglected uses of curtains in our home life, and 90% of people will not use them like this

if you don't use the curtains properly, it will not only bring trouble to your life, but also cause property damage. This is not alarmist

well, let's take a look at the correct use posture of curtains

modern curtains not only keep the privacy of the room, but also have light reduction and shading to meet the requirements of the owner for different light intensities, but also have the functions of keeping warm and preventing ultraviolet rays

skill 1: get up

we all have this experience. The sleep time is not short, but after getting up, we are still groggy and listless? This is probably the wrong way to get up! Teach you a new way to get up and make you full of energy all day

the secret is to wake up naturally! And how can we make people wake up naturally and comfortably? Due to human evolution, natural light is the best way to wake up late night sleep. In the morning, a ray of warm sun shines on the body, which is the most comfortable wake-up mode. Therefore, opening the curtains before getting up and keeping the gauze curtain closed can not only ensure privacy, but also be the most comfortable natural wake-up, and have a good spirit all day

skill 2: energy saving

can curtains save energy? Certainly. In summer, if we are not at home during the day, close the curtains when we go out, and you will find that even if you don't turn on the air conditioner in advance, the room won't be like a "steamer". In this way, the air conditioner can reduce the indoor temperature to the appropriate temperature by using less electric energy

in winter, the main way of heat loss in the house is the window, so the curtain plays a key role in keeping warm at this time. If you close the curtain, the indoor warming effect will be better. So you should close the curtains when you go out. After 10 o'clock and before 2 o'clock in the afternoon, even in northern winter, there is often a very good sun. At this time, you should open the curtains. The sun will warm the room, which can save the energy consumption of heating or air conditioning

skill 3: security

many people may never think that closing the curtain at night has nothing to do with security except privacy? In fact, it matters a lot

in the past, thieves liked to act at night, but now more and more people go to bed late at night. They often play games and write a copy all night (such as Xiaobian me). Therefore, thieves prefer to choose to patronize after you go out to work during the day. After all, going to work remains the same. The standard of visiting your home is whether you go out or not. Of course, it's unrealistic to squat at the door, usually through the window. Therefore, before leaving, close the curtain or gauze curtain. It is difficult for the thief to judge whether there is someone at home. If the thief is observing and the curtain is pulled once, no one dares to do it rashly. But after going out, if the curtains are opened, every move in the room is easy to be observed, which is relatively unsafe

tip 4: privacy

we all know that we should draw the curtains before going to bed, or we will be seen if we take off our clothes. But it's not just when you sleep. In fact, when the brightness of indoor light is higher than that of outdoor light, curtains should also be closed. Due to the reflective property of glass, when the indoor light is higher than the outdoor light, it is difficult to see the outdoor situation indoors, but on the contrary, it is clear from the outside. Many people relax their vigilance because of the darkness outside. At this time, the glass becomes a single-sided mirror. Therefore, at any time, when the indoor light is brighter, the curtains must be closed. At this time, the windows have no lighting effect, and there is no adverse effect when the curtains are closed. Otherwise, the shopping window is showing all kinds of things about your family's life

similarly, the gauze curtain should be used carefully at night, and it will also have the same effect as glass. When the outdoor light is brighter, the gauze curtain has a good privacy effect, and can also ensure the entry of light. When the indoor light is brighter, the gauze curtain is basically equivalent to glass

skill 5: go out

when we travel, the most ideal state is that the curtains are fully closed, which can greatly introduce the ultraviolet radiation on indoor decoration materials and accelerate aging. You know, all the colors of dyes will fade by ultraviolet light, including the top automotive paint. If you go out for a long time, closing the curtain is as important as closing the gas

however, when going out for a long time, if the curtain is occasionally opened and closed several times, it will also have a certain deterrent effect on thieves, and it is better to do so if possible

of course, in real life, everyone has different living habits and may have different needs for curtains. I hope to share these skills to remind us of some details that may be ignored by us

key points, cold knowledge time:

do you know? If a curtain is opened and closed three times a day, it needs to be opened and closed 1095 times a year. If you have five curtains in your home, it takes 5475 times to open and close the curtains in only one year. This does not include the requirements for curtains due to business trips, parties, weekends, etc. Does it sound terrible

in fact, the curtains of most families are idle most of the time, otherwise you will have to try 5000 times of pulling and pulling, and your hand will cramp! In fact, this kind of idleness is not only a waste of spending tens of thousands of yuan on curtain cloth, but also a waste of the overall home experience

so, here's the point. Let's hand over the task of drawing curtains for more than 5000 times

with smart home integrated smart curtains, your day should be like this:

07:00, the curtains at home automatically open, and it is no longer the alarm clock but the sun that wakes you up. Let you welcome the first ray of sunshine in the morning and bring you full of comfort

08:00, before going out to work, you don't have to worry about whether the curtains or gauze curtains in which rooms are closed. For you who are nervous during working hours, when you go out and lock the door, the curtains and gauze curtains at home have been automatically closed to the appropriate state for you

10:00, in summer, in order to avoid the sun exposure, the curtains and gauze curtains in the living room, bedroom and other areas are automatically closed; Avoid the room from being exposed to the sun and become a "steamer", which also plays a role in protecting furniture; In winter, when there is a very good sun, the curtains and gauze curtains will automatically open for indoor heating, energy saving and environmental protection

19:00, when you go home to open the door, the living room curtain will automatically close, while the bedroom curtain and curtain will be closed to protect the privacy of the user's bedroom

22:00, when it's time to rest in the evening, the living room curtains have automatically closed as soon as it's time. You just need to gently pull the bedroom curtains, and the curtains will automatically close, and then the lights and household appliances will automatically adjust to the sleep scene

when traveling, you don't have to worry, because the curtains will automatically adjust at night. During the day, it will automatically open or close according to the time node, which plays a role in deterring thieves. Of course, during the day, when the door is in an anti lock state, gently pull the curtain, and the night light can be turned on automatically. At night, gently pull the curtains, and the lights and household appliances are automatically adjusted to the sleep scene

home is a warm harbor for everyone, especially in today's increasingly fierce social competition and increasing pressure on life, people increasingly need home to provide a comfortable, safe and casual feeling, hoping to release emotions in a warm family environment, relieve mood, and seek a tranquility and balance

IOT smart home whole house smart home system can bring you this relaxation and comfort

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