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Ni launched the world's first millimeter wave software radio, helping 5g research

on June 16, 2016, as a supplier committed to providing solutions for engineers and scientists to meet the world's most serious engineering challenges, Ni today announced the launch of the world's first software radio (SDR) for millimeter wave. The new Ni millimeter wave signal receiving and transmitting system has complete functions and can be configured with computers that have never been equipped before: 17 "color display 40g hard disk 1.7g CPU 128M memory color printer computer desk with 2 GHz real-time bandwidth to transmit and receive signals, covering the GHz E-band spectrum. For several years, engineers and researchers have generally adopted SDR for spectrum applications below 6 GHz. With more and more enterprises investing in millimeter wave as a potential core technology of 5g, researchers now have a fully functional SDR platform to promote the scientific research of millimeter wave technology

ni millimeter wave signal transceiver system includes a new PXI express module, which includes a new FPGA user customizable board, ultra wideband ad/da board, if frequency conversion and lo board, etc. With unprecedented flexibility, users can use the same system to develop millimeter wave communication prototype verification system or millimeter wave channel measurement. These are the work that wireless researchers need to do to understand the new spectrum characteristics

the baseband software of the system provides a complete millimeter wave physical layer, including channel coding based on LabVIEW source code, which can speed up system development and simplify many system integration tasks. Researchers can also use this baseband part in combination with E-band millimeter wave front-end or other third-party RF front-end to gain maximum flexibility to explore other millimeter wave and microwave bands

as a major participant in the leading user program of Ni communication, Nokia communication has carried out 5g research projects using the early version of millimeter wave transceiver system for more than a year

The Ni millimeter wave transceiver system has become a major platform for our millimeter wave research project. Tod sizer, director of mobile radio research at Nokia Bell Labs, said that the platform provides the required software and hardware combination to accelerate the progress of 5g research, which also makes us believe that millimeter wave will become an important technology of 5g. At the 5g summit in Brooklyn this year, we showed a 60 GHz phased array high data rate millimeter wave system developed using the Ni platform, making 5g commercialization a reality

there is no doubt that 5g will cover frequencies above 6 GHz. Charles Schroeder, vice president of Ni RF and wireless communication products market, said that Ni millimeter wave transceiver system is a key platform for understanding high-frequency signal propagation mode and building a new generation 5g system prototype

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