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Ni Guangnan: make up for the shortcomings of industrial software to improve China's intelligent manufacturing level

on July 18, Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said in a speech at the 2019 Jiangxi International Mobile IOT summit that after years of development, China's industrial software has grown from scratch and has been able to provide a series of domestic industrial software products, but there is still a big gap compared with the international advanced level, with obvious shortcomings. To develop the software industry in China, we need to give full play to China's strong software industry and rich talent resources, vigorously develop industrial software and improve China's intelligent manufacturing level according to our own conditions

Ni Guangnan said that at present, China is accelerating the transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. As an important foundation and core support of intelligent manufacturing, industrial software has important strategic significance in promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and realizing manufacturing power. However, it should be noted that some industrial software products in China still have obvious shortcomings compared with the international advanced level. For example, in the field of industrial basic software and industrial design simulation software, the market is almost completely monopolized by foreign products, and independent copyright software and platform systems are still absent

Ni Guangnan said, "sage is a mediocre who is willing to work hard. Industrial software has rich connotation and faces different fields (such as discrete manufacturing, integrated circuit industry, construction industry, etc.) The industrial realization of electromagnetic adjustability, intelligent sensing, 0 (3) 60 degree arbitrary twists and turns, and the human body and electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine are often many sets of high load operation capacity software are different. In the field of discrete manufacturing, the global industrial design simulation software industry pattern is mainly controlled by the United States, Germany and France. Among them, the top six cae/cad industrial software giants are ANSYS in the United States, Simens in Germany, DS simula in France, Altair and MSc in the United States, and ESI in France. In contrast, domestic software in this regard is still weak, especially 3D CAD software, and lacks CAE software supporting CAD, which cannot form a complete industrial software system. In addition, China's manufacturing industry has long relied on foreign high-end industrial software, and key manufacturing fields such as aircraft, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry, biomedicine, electronic information manufacturing have long relied on foreign industrial software, which can not meet the needs of the rapid innovation and development of China's industrial manufacturing industry, and there is a serious risk of being stuck

Ni Guangnan said that software is the driving force to promote the development of a new generation of information technology. The software industry is fundamental and strategic, and software technology and software talents are universal and driving. Software technology has penetrated into almost all information technology, and the proportion of software talents in high-tech enterprises in the field of information technology is often more than 70%. In addition, the trend of software defining the world reflects that software technology is everywhere and software talents are omnipotent. Software promotes the transformation of traditional manufacturing industry into intelligent manufacturing industry, making these traditional manufacturing enterprises transform to the direction of digitalization, networking and intelligence

Ni Guangnan said that China has its own advantages in developing the software industry. The signing of this agreement is in line with the company's strategic positioning conditions of high-quality, sophisticated and cutting-edge products, including a strong software industry and rich software talent resources. China has the largest human resources in the world, among which the proportion of software talents is increasing. We should see that there is a bright prospect for engineers' dividends, especially that the number of Chinese Engineers (software engineers account for a large proportion) may be in the forefront of the world, which is a huge driving force for China's development in the future

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