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Certification marks on product packages

almost all famous brand products are printed with different certification marks. It can be seen that certification has entered our life and has had a certain impact. Certification is a process in which a third-party authorized independent authority inspects and supervises the manufacturer's products or production system according to relevant national or international regulations and standards, and issues test reports and certificates on whether they pass or not. If you get the certification, it means that the product quality conforms to national or international standards

as early as the mid-18th century, there was an embryonic form of product certification. At that time, only some spontaneous non-governmental organizations tested products. Today, certification has developed into a powerful measure for the country to protect the interests of consumers, enterprises to explore overseas markets, and businesses to establish market reputation. Certification has been adopted worldwide, and all developed and relatively developed countries in the world have established independent certification systems

ccib safety certification mark

ccib is the English abbreviation of China Commodity Inspection. The font and outer ring of CCIB safety certification mark are printed in yellow, and the English letter S is the abbreviation of English safety, indicating safety

the CCIB safety certification mark should be attached to the obvious parts of imported goods or their small packages such as bags, boxes, bottles, cans, etc. Some commodities can be directly printed or molded on relevant commodities or their small packages after approval

the CCIB safety certification mark currently used is uniformly printed by the national inspection and quarantine institution with high and new technology, which has the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting. As long as consumers scratch the I letter in CCIB with their hands, a line of small CCIB words will appear. It is worth noting that the CCIB safety certification mark is applied by the manufacturer or company of the exporting country to the examination department of the import commodity quality licensing system of the national inspection and quarantine institution of China. After the sample inspection and the strict examination of the manufacturer's testing conditions by the authoritative inspection experts of the commodity inspection, it is qualified and the safety and quality licensing certificate of imported commodities is obtained, it is authorized to use. It is directly attached to the products in the production process, rather than when the goods enter the customs and open the box for inspection. In addition, the CCIB safety certification mark has the characteristics of one-time pasting and attachment. If it is torn off, the whole mark will be incomplete and difficult to reuse

National Accreditation Mark of China product certification body

the National Accreditation Mark of China product certification body is a graphic mark indicating that the relevant institutions engaged in product certification have obtained the national accreditation qualification. Its use and management measures are formulated by the National Accreditation Committee of China product quality certification body. When printing the approval mark, it is limited to the matching of two colors, generally blue and white, black and white, or bronzing on a white background. If necessary, a color other than white can also be used as the base color

Great Wall sign

Great Wall sign, also known as CCEE safety certification mark, is a special certification mark for electrical products. China Electrotechnical Product Certification Commission (CCEE) is the only legal institution authorized by the State Bureau of technical supervision to participate in the International Electrotechnical Commission Electrotechnical product safety certification organization (IECEE) on behalf of China, and to implement safety certification (Great Wall logo certification) on electrotechnical products on behalf of the national organization

according to the standardization law of the people's Republic of China and the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the administration of product quality certification, the safety certification of electrical products is based on the mandatory national standards and industrial standards equivalent to the safety standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and the certification carried out according to these standards must be subject to mandatory supervision and management. Such products without safety certification are not allowed to leave the factory, sell Import and use

prc mark

prc mark is a special certification mark for electronic components. Its color and printing must comply with the provisions of the standardization administrative department of the State Council and the relevant certification mark management measures of the China Electronic Components Quality Certification Commission

square mark

square mark is divided into conformity certification mark and safety certification mark. Products approved for conformity certification shall use conformity certification mark; Products approved for safety certification shall use safety certification marks

at present, most domestic certification committees use the square and round mark. The following marks are other certification marks that are deformed based on the square and round mark, and can be used only after being submitted to the Standardization Administration Department of the State Council for approval

China packaging product quality certification mark

China packaging product quality certification mark is based on the square mark and combined with the characteristics of packaging products, and is designed by using the packaging word pattern of packaging popular design. It is divided into conformity certification mark and safety certification mark. The printing color is blue and white, white is the background, and the sign pattern is blue

dc mark

dc mark is the Chinese drug certification mark. It is designed on the basis of the square and circle mark and combined with the characteristics of drug management. It takes the meaning of square and circle, and reflects the authority and seriousness of National Drug Certification. The theme pattern is composed of the English prefix of drugcertification. The white part of the inner ring is the letter D, and the black part of the outer ring is the letter C. The Black Pattern in the center of the pattern is the pattern diagram of the drug tablet, indicating that the main body of the logo is the drug preparation, and the printing color is white on a green background

cmd mark

cmd mark is the certification mark of Chinese medical device products. It is designed on the basis of the square mark and combined with the characteristics of medical device products. It adopts the CMD composition written in English by the chinacertificationcommitteeformedicaldevices. It is divided into conformity certification mark and safety certification mark. The printing color is blue and white. Blue is the background and English letters are white

ul certification mark

ul is the abbreviation of Underwriters Laboratories in the United States. It is an internationally recognized authority for safety inspection and UL Mark, which issues safety assurance marks to electromechanical products, including civil electrical appliances. For more than a hundred years, it has been committed to evaluating the danger of materials, tools, products, equipment, structures, methods and systems to life and property. American safety testing laboratory company has put forward scientific testing methods and requirements accepted by the public. It has formulated more than 700 safety standards, some of which UL safety standards have been adopted as national standards by the U.S. government. UL certification mark is an indispensable condition for products to be sold in the American market

if the manufacturer applies for PCT with a temperature of 130 ℃ for a long time, please contact the nearest UL inspection representative in various countries, attach the technical data of the product, and apply for registration, so as to arrange the inspection. Generally, there are not many products that pass the first inspection, and they should be submitted for inspection many times until the safety meets the requirements of the standard

for products that pass the inspection, UL will also regularly make surprise spot checks at the manufacturer, which is the biggest feature of UL. When the difference is beyond ± 2, the hardness tester must be revised and repaired or tested by other hardness testing methods. If there is a significant difference between the product quality and the qualified product in the random inspection, the inspection representative has the right to stop using the UL certification mark until the difference is eliminated

ce mark

ce mark is the European common market safety mark, which is a mark declaring that products comply with relevant EU directives. The use of CE mark is a mandatory requirement for EU members to sell products. At present, the European Union has issued 12 product directives, mainly including toys, low-voltage electrical appliances, medical equipment, telecommunications terminals (categories), automatic weighing instruments, electromagnetic compatibility, machinery, etc

gs mark

gs mark is a German safety certification mark. It is a European certification mark authorized by the German Ministry of labor and implemented by a special TUV legal entity to sell products around the world. Although GS mark is not mandatory by law, it can indeed make manufacturers subject to the strict German (European) product safety law in the event of an accident caused by product failure. Therefore, GS mark is a powerful market tool, which can enhance customers' confidence and purchase desire. Generally, GS certified products have higher sales unit price and sell better

EC CE regulations regulate Low Voltage Directive (LVD) from January 1st, 1997. GS already contains all the requirements of the low voltage directive (LVD). Therefore, after obtaining the GS mark, TUV will issue the CE certificate (COC) of LVD of the product for free, and the certificate of tuvrheinland after 1997 includes the LVD Certificate in the GS certificate. The manufacturer obtained LVD certificate when applying for GS mark. The product range of Swiss and polish product safety certification marks is the same as that of GS marks

tuv mark

tuv mark is the type approval mark of German parts and components, which is applicable to electrical parts, such as power supply, transformer, dimmer, relay, connector, plug, wire and other mechanical product parts and sports equipment parts

emc certification mark

with the development of electrical and electronic technology, household appliances are becoming increasingly popular. With the development of radio and television, post and telecommunications and computer networks, and the increasingly complex and deteriorating electromagnetic environment, the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic products has been paid more and more attention by governments and manufacturers all over the world. The European community government stipulates that from January 1st, 1996, all electrical and electronic products must pass EMC certification and be affixed with CE mark before they can be sold in the European Community market. This move has aroused widespread repercussions in the world, and governments have taken measures to implement mandatory management of EMC performance of electrical and electronic products. The national standard gm4343 "measurement methods and limits of radio interference characteristics of electric and electric appliances, electric tools and similar appliances for household and similar purposes" has been enforced since December 1st, 1996. Domestic household appliance manufacturers must take action as soon as possible to start the oil return at the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder and return to the oil tank through the flameproof electromagnetic directional valve, pay attention to EMC certification, understand and improve the EMC performance of products, and follow the new situation of EMC certification, To gain an active position in the market

jis mark

jis mark is a product mark issued by the Japanese organization for Standardization (JISC) for electrical products and textiles that have passed the inspection of designated departments

International Wool mark

the international wool mark is an international general mark for consumers to identify high-quality wool products. The production process of products with wool marks must be strictly controlled. The finished products must be sampled and inspected before leaving the factory. After passing the inspection, the International Bureau of wool affairs authorizes the use of wool marks

beb mark

beb mark is a safety and quality certification mark issued by the British home appliance audit bureau after the electrical appliances and electrical equipment are confirmed to be qualified by the designated third-party certification body

nf mark

nf mark is a French certification mark with unique characteristics in many disciplines and fields. This mark can be used alone for electrical and non electrical products, and can also be used together with other marks or letters, mainly referring to safety standard requirements and efficiency characteristics

gbs mark

gbs mark is a certification mark issued by Canadian Standards Committee to qualified products

gost mark

gost mark is the certification mark of Russian products. Most products exported by China to Russia fall within the scope of compulsory certification. Therefore, it is very necessary for Chinese exporters to understand the Russian certification system

according to Russian law, if the goods belong to the scope of compulsory certification, whether they are produced in Russia or imported, they should be