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Ni released "2012 automation testing Trend Outlook"

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this trend outlook report discusses the latest business strategies that affect the current and future electronic industry, sometimes referred to as yield strength strategy, architecture, calculation, software and i/o

after years of automated testing, Ni has learned from its business relationships, internal expertise and third-party research, and has put forward the latest and most comprehensive insights in the industry

The report focuses on how emerging mobile devices change the industry structure and how companies and institutions establish their strategic advantages by establishing test organizations

in 2012, it can meet the measurement needs of different materials and fields. In May, nationalinstruments (Ni) recently released the outlook for automated testing trends since the publication of this result in 2012, which shared the company's research findings on the latest testing and measurement technologies and methods. The trend report details the development trends affecting many industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, semiconductors, aerospace and national defense, medical equipment, and communications. Engineers and managers can learn about and adopt the latest strategies and best ways to optimize the test organization

the 2012 Trend Outlook report consists of five categories: business strategy, architecture, computing, software and i/o, and discusses the following main trends:

optimization of test organizations: each organization regards test engineering as a strategic asset to gain an advantage in the competition

measurement and Simulation in the design process: combine complex models with real measurements to improve product quality and shorten development time

pciexpress external interface: the internal bus of high-speed and low delay PC has a new system topology and enhanced the function of external interface

the rapid popularity of mobile devices: the popularity of smart and tablet computers is changing the way test systems are controlled and monitored

portable measurement algorithm: the new tool can realize the development of measurement IP at one time, and multiple different processing units can be deployed

the content of "2012 automation testing Trend Outlook" comes from research in academia and industry, user forums and surveys, business intelligence and feedback from user advisory committees. Based on the data, the report details the next generation technology trends to meet the business and technical challenges in the field of testing and measurement

the automation testing trend outlook was prepared by the Ni testing industry leadership Committee, which was founded by Ni to promote thousands of customers in different industries around the world to share their best testing and measurement methods. The Ni testing industry leadership Committee aims to promote exchanges between leaders of the testing industry and encourages them to put forward unique business and technical opinions. The activities of the leading Committee include leaders' meetings, peer networking and technical exchanges

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about Ni

since 1976, national instruments, or Ni () for short, has been committed to providing engineers and scientists with various tools to improve efficiency, accelerate innovation and exploration. Ni's graphical system design method provides an integrated software and hardware platform for the engineering community, which is helpful to accelerate the development of measurement and control systems. For a long time, Ni has been expecting and striving to improve social development through its own technology to ensure the success of customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders

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