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Ni launched the industry's first PXI express system timing controller

in November 2007, National Instruments Co., Ltd. announced the launch of a new Ni timing tool, including the industry's first pxiexpress timing and synchronization controller, and the PXI module that can synchronize the PXI system on GPS, IRIG (inter rangeinstrumentationg pneumatic units T, kg, N, kn, G, lbroup) and IEEE1588. With these new tools, engineers can obtain better synchronization and time code functions in the PXI system, which is of great significance for the synchronization of various systems, the accurate "time" annotation of events, and the improvement of measurement accuracy in automated testing and data acquisition applications. These new timing characteristics will play a very important role in the development and control of large-scale distributed systems, such as particle accelerators and high-energy physics systems

engineers can use the industry's first pxiexpress system timing controller - nipxie-6672 to synchronize multiple pxiexpress systems with nanosecond accuracy. The controller also facilitates the synchronization of pxiexpress systems equipped with GPIB, VXI and other measurement and instrument systems. The high-precision DC to 105mhz clock generated by the timing controller of the system can timing the instrument at the precise clock frequency, and has a highly stable TCXO reference clock (1ppm stability). Engineers can fully control the PXI trigger bus, star trigger line and system reference clock through the internal and external clocks in the controller and the trigger on-board route. The controller can also be used to realize the complex synchronization scheme in the case of single pxiexpre when there is external stimulation. It is an important function of high channel number and high-performance testing and measurement applications

the new nipxi-6682 module provides the time, place and speed of GPS; IRIG-B decoding is synchronized with IEEE1588. The module is designed for the time marking and triggering of measurements or events on large physical objects (such as aircraft and bridges) and geographically distributed systems (such as power networks and accelerators). Engineers can also use this module as the main switch in the IEEE1588 network. The standard mode of IEEE1588 precision time protocol (PTP) can synchronize PXI, LXI and other IEEE1588 based devices on Ethernet. In addition, nipxi-6682 has complete PXI system timing controller functions, including the ability to control PXI trigger bus, star trigger line and system reference clock

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