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Ni recently released 10 latest PXI products

editor's note: Ni's latest Modular Instrument suite effectively expands the application of PXI system in the field of semiconductor testing

10 latest DC, digital, RF and switchgear effectively improve flexibility and reduce costs in mixed signal chip testing

November 2009 - national instruments, Inc. (Ni) recently released 10 latest PXI products, Effectively expand the function of PXI for mixed signal semiconductor testing. The new software defined product suite is specially designed for the NI LabVIEW graphical development system, including four high-speed digital i/o (hsdio) instruments, two digital switches, two enhanced RF instruments, a high-precision source measurement unit (SMU) and special digital vector file import software. The new Ni PXI semiconductor kit contains a variety of new features, including 200 MHz single ended digital i/o, 10 Pa current resolution, fast multi band RF measurement, DC/digital switching and waveform generation language (WGL) and IEEE 1450 standard test interface language (STIL) file import function

pxi semiconductor suite further improves the performance of PXI system testing general semiconductor devices, such as ADC, DAC, power management IC, wireless IC and micro motor system (MEMS) devices. Due to its advanced functions, this suite provides higher throughput, greater flexibility and faster development time than traditional box instruments and automated test equipment (ATD) solutions commonly used for feature acquisition, verification and production testing of semiconductor devices

"the new mixed signal PXI instrument kit from Ni can import WGL and stil design vectors to verify the digital protocol and key time parameters of our IC design. PXI and LabVIEW provide us with a flexible mixed signal feature extraction platform, which can be used to quickly configure customized tests and reduce the total product development time and evaluation cost."

-- David Whitley, engineer of ADI company

the Ni pxie-654x series instrument of hsdio instrument includes four new modules, which provide a single ended clock rate of up to 200 MHz and a data rate of up to 400 Mbps, so that engineers can test the high-speed chip design, and what to do if there is a sudden power failure in the experimental process of steel strand experimental machine: and use faster self customized communication protocol. The advanced digital modules in this series include a variety of additional features, such as bidirectional communication, real-time bit comparison, dual data transmission rate, multiple timing delays of different i/o lines, and the function of selecting 22 different levels from the range of 1.2 V to 3.3 V, which improves the flexibility of digital i/o testing. These new i/o devices extend the Ni pxi-654x, pxi-655x and pxi-656x series of high-speed digital devices, and provide a total of 10 PXI instruments with single ended and LVDS level functions up to 200 MHz

the new Ni pxi-4132 high-precision source measurement unit (SMU) provides current sensitivity as low as 10 Pa for high-resolution current measurement. With remote (four wire) sensing and external protection of a single output, it provides a voltage tolerance of up to ± 100 V in a PXI slot. SMU also provides several other improvements after several iterations, including the on-board hardware sequence engine, which can be used for hardware timing, high-speed curve tracking, and the ability to trigger and synchronize multiple pxi-4132 SMUs on the PXI backplane. As a complement to the existing Ni pxi-4130 SMU that has provided four quadrant 40 W power output (± 20V, ± 2a), pxi-4132 provides PXI with high-precision and high-power source measurement options

the new Ni pxi-2515 and Ni pxie-2515 digital switches further enhance the PXI product suite by helping engineers directly reuse accurate DC instruments to the hsdio line connected to the chip under test. The new switch also provides improved signal connection characteristics for parameter measurement while maintaining signal integrity on the high-speed digital edge

the new Ni pxie-5663e and Ni pxie-5673e 6.6 GHz RF PXI express vector signal analyzer and vector signal generator use a new feature called RF list mode to provide enhanced measurement speed through rapid and deterministic changes in RF configuration. The new function makes it possible for engineers to quickly cycle between different RF configurations by downloading preconfigured instrument parameters. This is especially useful in testing power amplifiers and other RFICs that need to verify the performance of multiple frequencies. This added function helps RF engineers make multi band RF measurements faster than traditional instruments

pxi semiconductor kit also provides a solution to effectively import WGL and stil digital vector format, thus simplifying the design and test integration of PXI high-speed digital products using Ni 5 and adopting corresponding shape cushion blocks for complex test pieces. The new TSSI TD scan for Ni software is the product of the cooperation between Ni and test sys, a rising industry in the biofuel pellet machine industry in China, tems strategies, Inc. (TSSI). It makes it possible for semiconductor test engineers to import WGL and stil simulation vectors into the PXI system. In the past, this required customized software development. You can get the evaluation version of wgl/stil software tool, which supports all Ni pxi-654x, pxi-655x and pxi-656x hsdio series products. The full version can be purchased directly from TSSI

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