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Ni releases test software for the latest draft IEEE 802.11ax standard

April 25, 2017 - as a supplier committed to providing engineers and scientists with solutions to the current "made in China" solutions to the world's most severe engineering challenges, Ni (national instruments, a green developing country in the United States), today announced the launch of WLAN Test Kit 17.0 that can support IEEE 802.11ax draft standard 1.1. Combined with Ni second generation vector signal transceiver (VST), WLAN Test Kit 17.0 supports 802.11ax waveform generation and analysis, which can be used for the characteristic analysis, verification and production test of RF front-end components, wireless modules and user equipment deployed with IEEE 802.11ax standard 1.1 draft

wlan test kit 17.0 enables designers and engineers to generate and analyze various waveforms that meet the 802.11ax standard, including extended single user, multi-user OFDMA and multi-user multiple input multiple output (MIMO). Each user can configure independently and provide measurement results for each user. The toolkit can generate signals simulating multi-user environment (including RF loss per user) to help users solve the demanding requirements of new access point test cases. Engineers can also use the new software to generate trigger frames to test the real-time response of client devices, and perform power pre correction and relative center frequency measurement

with the continuous standardization and evolution of 802.11ax, engineers need a software centered test method, which can keep up with the progress of the latest standard functions and challenge new test cases. Charles Schroeder, vice president of Ni RF market, said that the microcomputer sends beam movement instructions according to the values set before the experiment. The modular platform of Ni and the second generation VST can help users reduce the test cost and shorten the time to market

with the help of WLAN Test Kit 17.0 and the second generation VST, engineers can configure up to 8x8 MIMO systems in a single PXI chassis. Users can also obtain better EVM measurement values than -50 dB, so as to achieve strict device characteristic analysis and reliable test results. In addition, engineers can use the front panel of toolkit generation and analysis software to control the system, and benefit from the rich LabVIEW, C and when programming and automating the system Net system design software API and sample code

wlan test kit 17.0 further expands the product series of Ni for testing 802.11a/b/g/j/n/p/ac/ax, Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, 4G, fm/rds, GNSS and low power IOT wireless standards. Ni's platform based approach ensures that users only need to update their existing PXI RF test system through simple software updates to support 802.11ax device testing, even if the 802.11ax standardization process continues to evolve. Engineers can use this more intelligent RF testing method to reduce testing costs and prepare for future connectivity and cellular standardization plans (such as 5g)

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