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Ni released new wireless data acquisition devices and PXI express modules for sound and vibration applications

release - November 2008 - National Instruments (Ni) recently released new wireless data acquisition modules and two new PXI express modules for sound and vibration applications. Through the Ni wls-9234 wireless dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) module, engineers and scientists can wirelessly transmit vibration data to the distributed monitoring system through IEEE 802.11g (Wi Fi) communication protocol; Not only reduce costs, but also avoid complex wiring. The new PXI express DSA modules, Ni pxie-4496 and pxie-4498, make it possible to collect data simultaneously through 272 channels in a PXI express chassis. In this way, engineers can collect more data through more channels at a faster speed

wls-9234 has four built-in synchronous acquisition channels, each of which has a 24 bit resolution safety rope/safety belt detection experimental machine operation step rate and a maximum sampling rate of 51.2 KS/s. The module also has a 102dB dynamic range and a software selectable ac/dc coupling and integration of electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) signal conditioning tools for accelerators and microphones. Through Wi Fi network, wls-9234 can transmit data wirelessly, easily realize distributed i/o applications, and support a variety of wireless security protocols, including WEP, WPA and WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i) to confirm the security of data and network. In addition, the module also supports Ethernet connection function

ni pxie-4496 and pxie-4498 modules provide 16 synchronous acquisition channels, each of which has a 24 bit resolution, a maximum sampling rate of 204.8 ks/s, and a 113dB dynamic range. Based on PXI express bus architecture, this module can provide higher throughput than PXI, and can easily realize full speed synchronous data acquisition with up to 17 Ni pxie-449x modules in one chassis. The Ni pxie-4496 and pxie-4498 modules are designed for accelerators and microphones that require stable current

all these newly released modules are compatible with the Ni sound and vibration measurement test suite. It can be said that they are the most widely used product series in Ni sound, vibration, noise analysis and signal processing, machine condition monitoring and sound testing. The suite includes an independent interactive software Ni sound and vibration measurement assistant for rapid acquisition, analysis and recording of sound, noise and vibration data. In addition, the sound and vibration test and measurement kit is combined with NI LabVIEW VI, which effectively expands and enhances its performance in sound testing, decibel analysis, frequency analysis and sound track measurement and analysis in the fields of automobile, military, aviation, machinery and structural design

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