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Ni released 2016 automation test Trend Outlook, intelligent test system is imperative

March 15, 2016 - as a supplier committed to providing solutions for engineers and scientists to help them cope with the world's most severe engineering challenges, Ni (national instruments, for short, Ni) recently released 2016 automation test Trend Outlook for control components. This annual test and measurement report comprehensively summarizes the main trends of the increasingly interconnected automated test environment, covering topics ranging from millimeter wave communication to how to effectively use manufacturing test data to improve business performance

ni is committed to continuously improving the performance of automated testing systems like the wind tunnel model, so we work closely with customers and suppliers to gain an in-depth understanding of the main challenges faced by the manufacturing and testing department. Luke Schreier, marketing director of Ni automated testing, said that whether your challenge is to test millions of IOT devices or manage the testing system that has been used for 20 years, our goal is to stimulate internal dialogue and discussion in your company, This will help you reduce testing costs and maintain a competitive advantage

"2016 automated testing Trend Outlook" discusses the following topics:

calculation: collecting production test data

the semiconductor industry took the lead in using real-time data analysis to reduce production test costs

software: the key to life cycle management is that software

scrapping, operating system upgrading and compatibility bring many challenges to projects with a long life cycle. This long-term outstanding problem is worth our in-depth exploration of the dynamic decadence series experimental machine

architecture: the rise of test management software

with the continuous emergence of new programming languages, the use of ready-made test execution software will be an effective solution

i/o: platform standardization from characterization to production

rfic has enabled the pilot production line through IP reuse and hardware standardization throughout the product design cycle to reduce costs and shorten the time to market

business strategy: millimeter wave test strategy

the test manager is using modular solutions to validate high-frequency components efficiently and economically

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