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Ni launched the second vector signal transceiver, expanding the innovative software design instrument platform

in September 2013, National Instruments (Ni) recently released the second vector signal transceiver Ni pxie-5645r, which is based on the software design framework, so engineers can use LabVIEW to modify it to meet specific needs. The new vector signal transceiver adds a high-performance differential or single ended i/q interface, which can test the RF and baseband signals that the equipment slot matches with the wires to be tested on one instrument. The latest PC and FPGA technology can shorten the test time

Jin Bains, vice president of RF research and development of Ni, said: the software design architecture of the new pxie-5645r vector signal transceiver provides users with unprecedented flexible applications, such as baseband testing of RF transceiver

product features

frequency range from 65 MHz to 6 GHz, 80 MHz instantaneous bandwidth and 24 channel high-speed digital i/q

baseband i/q interface and 16 bit 120 ms/s sampling data, with complex bandwidth up to 80 MHz, differential or single ended configuration can be selected

open and programmable FPGA, engineers can add user-defined functions by themselves

users can access, Download pre built and modifiable IP, Realize the most common applications

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about Ni

since 1976, National Instruments () has provided engineers and scientists with various tools to accelerate production, innovation and exploration. Ni's graphical system design method provides the engineering community with a platform that combines software and hardware, which helps to accelerate the development process of measurement and control system. The company's long-term vision and the concept of improving social development through technology provide support for the success of employees, suppliers and shareholders in the waterproof industry with the normal logic of "customers, industry standards are stricter than national standards"

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