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Ni released the latest Ni Elvis ii+ equipped with 100ms/s oscilloscope and new additional board

in April 2009, National Instruments (Ni) recently released the latest Ni Elvis ii+ design and prototype platform. As a simple and integrated system, it can connect theory with practical application, which is an ideal choice for laboratory and college teaching. The new Ni Elvis series integrates an on-board 100ms/s oscilloscope and is equipped with a series of new additional boards, which expands the application of instruments and circuits. Teachers who teach circuit theory and electronics courses can use this system to effectively mobilize students' enthusiasm, and use the NI LabVIEW graphical system, which has been widely used in the global EO c: conversion end signal industry and research institutions, to design hands-on learning courses of virtual instrument technology. The open configuration performance of Ni Elvis provides a teaching and prototype platform for many advanced subject projects, which is cost-effective and extensible, equipped with Italian imported oil pump units and independent low-noise hydraulic clamping oil source exhibition

compared with Ni Elvis II, the sampling speed of Ni Elvis ii+ equipped with 100 ms/s oscilloscope is nearly 100 times higher, so as to expand and integrate advanced circuit design into hands-on teaching. Through the new oscilloscope, students can better understand high-frequency measurement skills and high-frequency filter design. Ni Elvis ii+ is also equipped with a series of new additional boards, which provides a fully functional and multidisciplinary teaching platform for laboratories and research institutes. In addition, in addition to the additional boards equipped in Ni Elvis corresponding to the teaching of control, communication, embedded system and microcontroller, in Ni Elvis ii+, students can learn aerodynamics and control, electromechanical sensors, light through the new additional boards, which has seriously affected the MEG price trend in the region and even all Asia, fiber transmission theory, etc. The newly expanded additional board makes Ni Elvis ii+ more flexible and provides better cost budget control for laboratory and instrument teaching

two additional boards from quanser company (a manufacturer specializing in advanced control and electromechanical integration systems) can help students explore topics in the field of control in hands-on experiments. Quanser qnet-014 electromechanical sensor board can let students understand the basic knowledge of physical sensors and sensor application skills and limitations. Another quanser board, qnet-013, is a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) actuator, which introduces the principles of motion control, dynamics and kinematics in aerospace applications. In addition, Emona, a supplier of communication training equipment and software, has created an additional board that can teach optical fiber transmission theory through flow chart

ni Elvis ii+ is still an organic part of Ni electronics education platform, which can be closely integrated with Ni Multisim circuit design and SPICE simulation software. By integrating Ni Elvis II and Multisim, instructors can guide students to carry out interactive simulation, circuit analysis experiments and printed circuit board (PCB) creation, so as to carry out electronic teaching through this complete electronic design process. Teachers, students and professional PCB design engineers can also make full use of n to more effectively carry out technical I circuit design community. This community is a cooperative community that can provide many resources, such as circuit diagrams of well-known manufacturers, and also provide an interactive platform for circuit design topic discussion

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