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Ni successfully held the 10th "China PXI Technology and Application Forum"

in June 2013, the 10th China PXI Technology Application Conference (PXI TAC), hosted by national instruments, was successfully held at Sofitel Wanda hotel in Beijing on May 28, 2013, with more than 500 engineers and technicians attending. As a prestigious PXI TAC event in the industry, it has attracted a total of 14 well-known PXI suppliers and system integrators at home and abroad and 13 well-known media in the industry, which is the most in the past

in the keynote speech in the morning of the event, Mr. Robert CaNik, vice president of Ni's core platform and instrument research and development department, Mr. Yao yuan, Ni's China technology market engineer, and Dr. Bian Xin, director of the information Metrology Research Office of the Chinese Academy of metrology, as special guests, delivered brilliant speeches respectively. As a modular platform that has been widely used, PXI can integrate the most advanced business technology, realize continuous updates on the platform and products, enable more applications to be realized on the PXI platform, and make Moore's law continue in the field of automated testing and control. As one of the most important forces to promote the development of PXI platform, Ni has long accelerated the development of measurement and control systems by engineers and scientists through the platform based graphical system design method, and encouraged innovation by simplifying the complexity of the system, accelerating the application of the latest technology, and building an ecosystem. Ni's long-term investment in PXI hardware platform and software platforms such as LabVIEW and TestStand can better provide an efficient platform and tools for Chinese engineers and scientists. Whether in the field of production testing or scientific research, it can help users realize the return of production efficiency and encourage more independent innovation

the whole day activities were centered on the topics of automated test platform and industrial application, with a total of 20 technical lectures and wonderful hands-on courses, creating an exchange feast for the audience on the latest PXI Technology and application. RF is an area that Ni has always been concerned about. In order to help more RF users solve the difficulties and problems in their actual work and projects, Ni has specially set up a face-to-face activity of RF experts using the PXI TAC platform, and strongly invited senior engineers from the RF and microwave field to face with customers to discuss the cutting-edge technologies and the latest applications in the RF and microwave field

it has been ten years since the PXI TAC activity was launched in 2013. With the continuous development of PXI Technology, the scale of PXI TAC activities is also expanding, and the popularity in the industry is also increasing. In this year's PXI TAC ten-year message, many customers have written their feelings for PXI Technology and PXI TAC, expressing their recognition of the efficient, stable and accurate performance of the PXI platform and their gratitude for the communication platform that PXI TAC has always provided for industry insiders, and jointly hope that PXI Technology can develop rapidly and PXI TAC activities can continue to create brilliance

through PXI TAC activities this year, we can see that more and more manufacturers and customers are involved in the development and application of PXI Technology. According to the survey results of the conference site, up to 99% of users expressed their affirmation of this PXI TAC and believed that this activity was of great help to the actual work

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about PXI

as an open industrial standard managed by the PXI systems alliance, PXI (PCI extensions for instrumentation) is a solid platform based on the fact that the laboratory where comp is located cannot have vibration. The testing and measurement of actpci technology, especially the impact on the display and control of small scale range. Its open architecture, flexible PC technology and its cost advantages have brought an earth shaking revolution to the measurement and automation industry. Since Ni proposed the PXI standard in 1997, more than 70 manufacturers have supported it and provided more than 1500 PXI products. Up to now, the output of PX in China has exceeded 60million tons. I has become the standard platform for testing, measurement and automation applications, and the application of PXI has also touched many fields in all walks of life. By integrating PCI Express technology with high bandwidth, the new PXI express bus has opened up a new application space for the test and measurement industry. For more information, please visit

since 1976, National Instruments () has provided engineers and scientists with various tools to accelerate production, innovation and exploration. Ni's graphical system design method provides the engineering community with a platform that combines software and hardware, which helps to accelerate the development process of measurement and control system. The company's long-term vision and the concept of improving the level of social development through technology provide support for customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders and the success of breakthroughs in the utilization of cotton fields

Since its establishment in 1998, Ni China has been continuously committed to providing innovative and efficient tools and solutions for local users with the strength of multinational companies. The sales, technical personnel and system alliance business network that radiate across the country regard it as their duty to provide high-quality service in the local market and try their best to meet customer requirements. The launch of Ni China Mall has further improved the service system of Ni, aiming to provide users with a more convenient and fast purchase experience. Browse immediately:

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