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Ni expands the production of smart camera series and ultimately produces usable clean energy products.

nationalinstruments (Ni) recently launched three new smart camera products, broadening its product line of smart camera series. Ni1744, ni1762 and ni1764 have faster processing speed and higher image resolution, giving engineers more choices in embedded machine vision applications

in 533mhzpowerpc, we summarized three major factors affecting the price of hydraulic testing machine: in the working environment, ni1744 smart camera is equipped with a high-resolution image sensor, which can collect up to 1.3 million pixels (1280 pixels × 1024). At the same time, thanks to the support products of new and old customers, industrial engineers and machine architects can detect the defects of products. Compared with the old smart camera, it has 4 times the image resolution, ensuring the accuracy of detection

for engineers who have higher requirements on pattern matching, OCR recognition and barcode interpretation, ni1762 smart cameras also provide 720MHz tidsp coprocessor and 533mhzpowerpc. When running the algorithm, the speed is increased by 4 times compared with the old model

the new ni1764 smart camera has the highest image resolution and the best performance among all new products. It has 1.3 million image sensors and 720mhztidsp coprocessor. Ni1764 is the best choice for high-speed industrial line applications that require features such as super large object detection, precise positioning and micro bar code recognition

the new smart camera product also includes nivisionbuilderforautomatedinspection (AI) products. You can configure and release a complete machine vision application in this interactive environment without programming. With intuitive images and menu driven software, engineers can create complex machines. The development of extruder industry still has a large market space. Visual applications are combined with visual algorithms and state based execution, and use built-in state diagrams to run in circles or branches. For more demanding applications, Ni smart camera can be integrated with LabVIEW software and all image processing and machine vision calculus of Ni. Using LabVIEW and visionbuilderai software to support the characteristics of all smart cameras at the same time, engineers can convert in machine vision applications of the two software without major updates

The new products of Ni smart camera series broaden the selection of Ni machine vision products and provide a wider range of solutions for machine vision applications

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