Centralized learning activities of the central gro

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Members of the central group of the Party committee of Lanzhou company, all Party members, activists for joining the party and some direct, fast and efficient workers participated in the centralized learning activities

according to the relevant arrangements of educational practice activities, combined with the actual situation of Lanzhou company, the Party committee of Lanzhou company pays close attention to the study and education of Party members. This is another learning activity organized after the Party committee of the company organized the majority of Party members, cadres and activists to self-study the lecture materials of "how to become a good party member" by song Zhanbo, Secretary of the Party committee of the group company. The activity also reported the relevant situation of the 2014 special democratic life meeting of Lanzhou company, and shared the warning case of anti-corruption and integrity promotion "five sons on the road to corruption" in the "work guidance of Party branches", Participants also talked about their experience in combination with their own reality. At the end of the learning activities, ye Haibo, executive director, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Lanzhou company, also made a speech on how to do a good job in the learning and education activities of Party members, the construction of a clean and honest government, and the improvement of the ideological quality and consciousness of Party members

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