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With the improvement of living standards, the increase of residential area and the increase of small shopping malls, restaurants and corporate institutions, a large number of combined central air conditioners with different refrigerating capacity and heating capacity are needed to meet the needs of various rooms and floor structures. At present, it accounts for about 54% of the world. Most of the combined central air conditioners on the market are one trailer and multi series products (VRV, MRV, digital vortex, etc.). With the enhancement of air conditioning capacity, the centralized management of air conditioning has become a problem to be solved by air conditioning developers

Haier commercial air conditioner has launched "the world's third generation, the world's first dual variable multi connected central air conditioner MRV II", which can well meet the air conditioning needs of different commercial spaces. In order to meet the needs of users as much as possible and facilitate the management and monitoring of the entire air conditioning system by users and owners, a centralized management system and a building management h-cac system are also introduced. It is understood that MS system

centralized management system

the centralized controller in the centralized management system is aimed at the 40hp multi online system to realize the monitoring and control of the indoor units of the multi online system. It can be applied to a single multi online system or multiple multi online systems. The system can control up to 64 centralized groups, and each centralized control group can connect up to 16 indoor units

the main functions realized by the centralized controller are:

◆ monitor the operation mode, wind speed, set temperature, wind swing and health of the indoor unit of the 64 groups of centralized control group at most; Indoor unit operation status, and display indoor unit filter symbol

◆ set the mode, wind speed and temperature of a single area of the indoor unit

◆ realize the function of setting the indoor unit to swing the air and operate healthily

◆ set three operation modes: back entry priority, centralized control and locking of indoor unit

◆ it can monitor the failure of the indoor unit and save the failure of the indoor unit for inquiry

◆ receive the input of external signals, receive external fire alarm and other signals, and the centralized controller will alarm

◆ switch the machine on and off at a fixed time

◆ any centralized control group can be set as an area, and up to 64 groups of internal units can be set as an area. After the area is set, indoor units in the same area will carry out the same operation (the default is when leaving the factory, a centralized group is an area)

◆ a centralized controller can have three auxiliary centralized controllers, which can control 256 centralized groups. The centralized controller and the auxiliary centralized controller can also control the same centralized group. Meet the needs of centralized control of air conditioners in different places. The control quantity is 64 groups

Haier commercial air-con management system

h-cacms system overview

Haier commercial air-con management system h-cacms (Haier commercial air-con management s selects 4-column high-intensity light bars as the supporting system) is suitable for variable-frequency multi connected air conditioners and other commercial air conditioners, and can realize large-scale centralized control and real-time monitoring of air conditioners. The management system applies open communication protocols (LonWorks, tcp/ip, etc.) and can be incorporated into the whole building management system (BMS) as a subsystem

benefits brought by Haier commercial air conditioning management system to owners:

◆ use the air conditioning management system to automatically manage air conditioning equipment and reduce the use cost of air conditioning

through the air conditioning management system, the opening and closing time and operating temperature of the air conditioner can be automatically set according to the needs of owners and tenants, which not only meets the requirements of users for environmental comfort, but also avoids the waste of energy

◆ simple equipment, with very high cost performance

there is no need for expensive interface equipment between the management system and air conditioning equipment, which reduces the investment of users. Homebus bus is used between mrvii air conditioners, and the management system can directly obtain a lot of information from it

◆ perfect management function, graphical man-machine interface, easy operation

through the management system, you can set and monitor the operation status of air conditioning equipment; Formulate the operation schedule management plan according to the use characteristics of the area where the air conditioner is located; Automatically record the operation data, and regularly provide air conditioning maintenance suggestions, etc

in the management software, icons and menus are used to represent the air conditioning equipment and the operations that can be carried out. Anyone can use the mouse to operate on an ordinary computer

operation data is managed in database mode, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software can be used to process operation data; It can issue statements, monthly statements and annual statements to facilitate the management of building air conditioning by managers

◆ considerate air conditioning billing function, easy to control electricity expenses

it adopts advanced billing method and has the function of automatic meter reading. After connecting the pulse digital meter, the total operating electricity charge of the air conditioning equipment can be reasonably allocated according to the actual operation of the air conditioner, and the long service life can be achieved, which solves the problems of manual meter reading and unreasonable charging according to the operating time in the past. It can print various reports, distinguish peak and valley electricity prices, and forcibly shut down the air conditioners of users in arrears

◆ it has the functions of interconnection and remote access, and can manage the air conditioner anytime and anywhere

Internet servers and applications are built in Guanzhong. Through Ethernet or built-in modem, managers can not only access the management system on any local computer, but also use Microsoft Internet Explorer software to access the system remotely through Internet or public lines, so as to fully feel the convenience brought by advanced information technology

◆ fault prediction function enables managers to prepare for a rainy day and prolong the service life of the equipment

for the possible faults of the air conditioner, sound and light alarm, printout, e-mail and other forms are used to predict in advance, so as to minimize the possibility of sudden shutdown of the air conditioner due to faults. Through early warning and timely treatment, the air conditioner is always in the best operating state, effectively extending the service life of the air conditioner

h-cacms brings benefits to dealers, service providers and building control system integrators:

◆ it adopts an open communication protocol, which facilitates the integration of building control systems

the management system adopts advanced Ethernet, LonWorks and other open communication protocols, which conforms to the development trend of information technology, and provides convenience for interconnection with other building equipment and future upgrading

◆ less installation work and less wiring

homebus bus is used between air conditioning equipment, and only 2-core non-polar communication lines are used. Daisy chain wiring is used between each machine, which is very convenient for connection and simplifies the wiring work inside the building

◆ hierarchical network and modular design make the management system more reliable and easier to maintain

in the air conditioning equipment, each outdoor unit and the connected indoor mechanism form the bottom LonWorks communication network; The top-level Li communication network is formed between outdoor units and with the switch. After the node in the same layer fails, the impact is local; At the same time, the design of key equipment such as customs is also modular. The above structure ensures reliability and is easy to maintain

◆ with remote access and upgrade functions, the management system can be maintained anytime and anywhere

the interconnection server and application program are built in Guanzhong. Technicians can access the management system from any local or local computer through Ethernet or built-in modem to upgrade the system software functions

◆ it has a variety of interfaces and applications, which can be perfectly combined with other building equipment

off has two digital inputs, two pulse meter inputs and two digital outputs, which can accept fire alarm signals and key control signals. Built in application programs such as schedule management and chain control can flexibly set the air conditioner according to the use requirements of owners and tenants

h-cacms system composition

homebus bus is used between indoor and outdoor units of air conditioning, and LonWorks bus is used between outdoor units. Realize the conversion of communication protocol through customs. The computer for air conditioning management can manage 256 outdoor units by turning off

Haier's variable frequency and variable capacity technology has created a technological precedent for dual frequency conversion of central air conditioning. Under the current technical conditions, it has reached the highest level. The centralized control system launched by Haier has greatly facilitated users' control and use requirements for the entire air conditioning, representing the mainstream of the development of home appliances

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