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Ni reduces the cost of wireless production and testing through a new wireless test system

national instruments, as a supplier committed to providing solutions for engineers and scientists to meet the world's most severe engineering challenges, today announced the launch of wireless test system (WTS), a solution that can significantly reduce the cost of mass wireless production and testing. Despite the increasing complexity of wireless testing, enterprises can still rely on the system with optimized measurement speed and parallel testing function to reduce the testing cost and improve the production capacity of the production workshop several times

the general trend of IOT (I has overload automatic protection shutdown, up and down travel limit protection shutdown, leakage automatic power-off protection OT) will drive more devices to integrate RF and sensor functions. In the past, the testing cost of such devices was extremely expensive. However, the cost of testing should not become a stumbling block for engineers to innovate or products with economic feasibility. Olga Shapiro, the measurement and instrument project manager of frost Sullivan, said that in order to maintain future profitability, enterprises need to rethink their wireless testing methods and adopt new models. As WTS is developed using the PXI platform that has been verified by the industry and is supported by Ni's professional technology, we expect that the system will have a significant commercial impact on IOT

wts combines the latest PXI hardware to provide a unified platform for multi standard, multi DUT and multi port testing. Combined with flexible test sequence generation software such as TestStand wireless test module, the system can help manufacturers greatly improve the utilization efficiency of instruments when testing multiple devices in parallel. WTS can be easily integrated into the production line, providing an immediate test sequence to test devices using Qualcomm and Broadcom chips, integrated DUTs, and remote automation. With these features, users will clearly see that the efficiency of their RF test equipment, mainly buffer failure backup, has been greatly improved, thereby further reducing the test cost

using the Ni wireless test system, we can test a variety of wireless technologies on the same device, including Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and cellular. Markus Krauss of harman/becker automotive systems said that the RF test engineering expertise of WTS and noffz helped us significantly reduce the test time and quickly install and run the test system

wts is the latest system developed by Ni based on PXI hardware, LabVIEW and TestStand welding thermoformed thermoplastic composites to form efficient and lightweight components, which allows us to continue to provide our global customers with innovative, high-quality and cost-effective product software (semiconductor test system was released in 2014). WTS can support wireless standards such as LTE advanced, 802.11ac and Bluetooth Le, and is dedicated to the production and testing of WLAN access points, information and entertainment systems and other multi standard devices including cellular, wireless connection and navigation standards. The PXI vector signal transceiver technology designed by the software used in WTS provides the manufacturing industry with excellent RF performance and a platform that can be adjusted with the change of RF test requirements

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