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Ni released the enhanced version of virtualbench multifunctional all-in-one instrument

on April 8, 2016, Ni (national instruments, abbreviated to Ni) as a supplier committed to providing engineers and scientists with excellent resilience and elongation to cope with the world's most severe engineering challenges, recently announced that the orders of extruder enterprises will be significantly recovered and launched a new high-performance virtualbench. Virtualbench multi-function integrated instrument defined by software combines mixed signal oscilloscope, function generator, digital multimeter, programmable DC power supply and digital i/o. With 350 MHz bandwidth, four analog channels and Ethernet connections, the new virtualbench provides more functions to help engineers calibrate and debug newly designed or automated test systems

since we launched virtualbench to the market, its versatility and practicality have created considerable benefits for users. Stefanie, vice president of Ni data acquisition research and development department, said that in this new version, we have integrated higher performance and more functions, creating more possibilities for engineers to interact with desktop test equipment

users can still interact with virtualbench through free and upgradeable software applications running on PC or iPad, and easily play with five instruments through unified software. Because virtualbench adopts the latest consumer computing platform, engineers and scientists can use multi-point touch display, multi-core processors, wireless connections and intuitive interfaces to operate instruments, thereby improving production efficiency. In addition, the simplicity and higher performance provided by the software enable engineers to debug and verify circuits more effectively

main advantages

the enhanced mixed signal oscilloscope has the function of protocol analysis, provides a bandwidth of 350 MHz and four analog channels, and can realize higher performance interactive testing

higher power programmable DC power supply, in which the maximum current of 6V output channel can reach 3a, and the maximum current of 25 V and -25v channels can reach 1a, which is suitable for higher current applications

operate five instruments through a unified and convenient view Larger screen display and quick function of saving data and screenshots

in addition to USB and WiFi compatibility, it also provides Ethernet connection, which is suitable for distributed measurement

seamless integration with LabVIEW system design software

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about Ni

since 1976, National Instruments () has been committed to providing a variety of powerful platform-based systems to help engineers and scientists improve efficiency and accelerate innovation to solve major engineering challenges facing the world. Customers from medical, automotive, consumer electronics to particle physics and other industries are using Ni's integrated software and hardware platform to improve our living environment

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