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CIMC Lingyu is about to make a brilliant appearance at the Shanghai BMW exhibition

"build your heart into the future". The high-profile Bauma China 2014 (Shanghai BMW exhibition) curtain will open, and more than 3000 exhibitors and 190000 visitors will gather in Shanghai to hold an Olympic event in the construction machinery industry at the New International Expo Center of 300000 square meters. BMW exhibition has gone through 12 years of ups and downs since it first settled in Shanghai in 2002. It has grown steadily and prospered all the way. In 2012, it continued the legend of the largest construction machinery exhibition in Asia and the first commercial exhibition in China. Over the past 12 years, regardless of the ups and downs of the economy and the changes in the industry, BMW exhibition is still a competition among competitors, with a large number of visitors; Time flies, and the 2014 exhibition period is approaching. Many industry leaders are eager to try, waiting to detonate the Shanghai beach with 190000 spectators on November 25

vision of Shanghai New International Expo Center

since Luoyang CIMC Lingyu Automobile Co., Ltd. made its debut at BMW exhibition with two tanker products in 2006, the booth area has expanded year by year, and the quality of exhibits has been continuously upgraded. In 2012, Lingyu changed the traditional blue, adopted the "green" element in the booth and exhibits, and took the lead in proposing the concept of "green change wins the future" in the industry. It not only conforms to the theme of beautiful China and green home in China, and conforms to the development trend of energy conservation and environmental protection in the industry, but also shows the growth and progress of the "CIMC Lingyu" brand and special vehicle products in the past ten years. The stunning appearance of BMW Shanghai 2012 and the proposal of the concept of "green change" have made many enterprises in the industry follow suit, which can be said to set off a green trend in the construction machinery industry. After the exhibition, CIMC Lingyu was silent, and the R & D and upgrading of "build your heart into" products really combined the green concept with the requirements of the country and the needs of the market, so that the concept could be implemented, the design could be transformed, the products could be practical, and the users could benefit

CIMC Lingyu is about to make a gorgeous appearance at BMW Shanghai

CIMC Lingyu is about to make a gorgeous appearance at BMW Shanghai

it is in this line of thought that Lingyu people devote themselves to two years, continue to write the concept of green environmental protection, and with the professionalism and dedication of "tank car experts", create three exhibition products at BMW 2014, which are: concrete mixer truck, aluminum alloy vertical powder material truck, and aluminum alloy liquid transportation semi-trailer, At present, the exhibits have arrived in Shanghai and are waiting for admission. From the visual point of view, the most obvious feature of the mixer truck is that it is equipped with a sealing structure at the front and rear, which is more like a new energy vehicle rush loading and other impact bodies. The vertical tank semi-trailer has three discharge ports under the tank body, which is different from the domestic commonly used horizontal tank structure; The liquid tank car is not painted, presenting the original color and manufacturing traces of aluminum alloy to the audience

in addition to continuing the characteristics of Lingyu tank car, such as elegant appearance, reasonable structure, excellent performance, solid and durable leather, this exhibit also has the outstanding advantages of safety, environmental protection, economy, and Zhihui

safety: without safety, everything is empty talk. The concrete mixer truck in this exhibition adopts the t7H chassis of SINOTRUK Germanic technology, which has high reliability; Special shaped pipe structure is adopted on the top to reduce the center of gravity and height, and the driving is more stable; Key parts should be equipped with protective covers to avoid misoperation. The tank body and frame of the powder tank car are made of high-strength magnesium aluminum alloy plates and welded automatically with TIG. The imported tank safety valve, integrated air control system and closed overall harness circuit system are adopted; Tank SCM integrates the latest oilfield chemicals and technologies, and the top of the conference is equipped with aluminum alloy anti-skid upper platform, pneumatic movable guardrail and safety rope. In addition to the characteristics of powder tank cars, liquid tank cars, as dangerous chemicals transportation vehicles, are better equipped. In addition, the use of ultra-thin film, such as the original imported saf10 ton disc brake air suspension system, imported EMCO explosion-proof manhole cover, API valve and other high-end special accessories make the vehicle more reliable; The anti departure system ensures that the vehicle is in the braking state during the loading and unloading operation; The anti channeling system ensures that there will be no channeling in each sub warehouse

environmental protection: Lingyu vowed to carry out environmental protection to the end. In addition to the eye-catching green appearance of the vehicle, what is more important is the design concept of environmental protection. The mixer truck adopts mc11 series engine, with low speed, high torque, energy saving and environmental protection; The segmented closed upper mounting structure ensures the good sealing of important parts and avoids the pollution caused by medium overflow during vehicle use. The tank body, frame and most accessories of powder tank car and liquid tank car are made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight, long in service life, green and pollution-free

Economy: it is Ling Yuren's consistent thinking mode to consider from the perspective of users. In the past two years, the industry has been depressed, so the economy of vehicles is more important. The integrated structure design of the mixer reduces the wind resistance; The tank rotates at a constant speed to reduce fuel consumption and improve the quality of concrete; ZF new generation all-in-one reducer has long service life and maintenance free. The tank body is made of Baosteel special high-strength wear-resistant steel, with good molding performance, high hardness, weight reduction of 20%, and life extension of 2 times. Both the powder tank car and the liquid tank car adopt the lightweight design concept in material selection and matching. The self weight of the powder tank car is only 6.57t, and the self weight of the liquid tank car is only 5.00t, both of which are the lightest in the industry at present, maximizing the bearing capacity and maximizing the benefits. In addition, the residual value of aluminum alloy is also much higher than that of ordinary steel

Zhihui: what is said here is not "wisdom", but "Zhihui", because it brings together the wisdom of foreign, domestic, CIMC, colleges and universities, as well as Ling Yuren. It can be said to draw on the strengths of others, so it is called "Zhihui". For example, the intelligent opening and closing feeding and discharging, multi-functional telescopic guide chute, automatic folding ladder, car coupling remote monitoring and other intelligent systems of the mixer meet the personalized needs of customers. Pneumatic butterfly valve control of powder tanker, visual quick connector of discharge pipe, and grasp the internal powder flow dynamics at any time; The electric outrigger is also the first in China, and the operation is more humanized. The anti-theft oil guardrail lock on the tank top and oil unloading port of the liquid tank car, the anti drive away system, and the anti channeling warehouse system are also the crystallization of humanized wisdom that meets the needs of users

the biennial event, more than 700 days and nights of waiting, only for a gbt5028 ⑴ 999 metal sheet and strip tensile strain hardening index (n value) experimental method commitment, we are ready, looking forward to November, in Shanghai New International Expo Center outdoor booth d31 to meet you, see you

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