Lin'an, Zhejiang Province, focuses on building the

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Lin'an, Zhejiang Province focuses on building the wire and cable industry

Hangzhou focuses on building the wire and cable and composite decorative material industry. Through transformation and upgrading, by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the industrial sales output value of the city's wire and cable and composite decorative material industries (above the designated size) will reach 30billion yuan. This is learned from the two industrial transformation and upgrading opinions recently issued by Hangzhou

the city's wire and cable industry and composite decorative material industry started in the mid-1980s and late 1990s respectively. After more than 20 years of development, the wire and cable industry has grown in size, from a single RF cable to power cable, local telephone communication cable, network data cable and other wire and cable products, and the industrial chain is becoming more and more perfect. There are 143 Enterprises above the scale of wire and cable in the city, and the sales output value of large-scale enterprises reached 8.57 billion yuan in 2010. After 20 years of development, the industry of composite decorative materials has gradually developed from decorative base paper to decorative base paper, decorative paper, decorative panels and professional equipment manufacturing. The industrial scale is not only a long way to go in the development of plastics, but also a massive economy with Linglong street as the core, Lin'an Provincial Economic Development Zone and Yuqian town as supporting blocks, which are prone to cracks in the wall. There are 2 Enterprises above the scale of composite decorative materials in the city "Take the most frequently used packaging bags of 42 cm long and 28 cm wide as an example. In 2010, eight of them achieved a sales output value of 2.16 billion yuan; one listed enterprise and seven enterprises of 100 million yuan. Among them, the decorative paper industry has become a major industrial area in China, with a leading scale, technology and market share, accounting for more than 40% of the country, and the industrial development has been guided nationwide.

however, two industries have also emerged in the development "Short board". In the development of wire and cable industry, there are mainly weak links such as single product structure, low added value, small enterprise scale, lack of support from large enterprises, weak innovation ability and low technical content. The composite decorative materials industry mainly has weak links such as low entry threshold, small enterprise scale, fierce product price competition, the massive economy has begun to take shape, but there is a lack of downstream products in the industrial chain. The industrial positioning and development direction need to be further clarified. Therefore, this series of models in the "12th Five Year Plan" are mainly applicable to non-metallic and metallic materials with experimental load less than 10kN. During the experimental period, the positioning and development direction of the two traditional industries need to be further clarified

in the post financial crisis era, with the opening of the curtain of national high-speed investment and the opportunity of people's daily pursuit of environmental awareness, the development of these two industries is facing important opportunities. Wires and cables are supporting products of many industries. With the huge demand generated by the process of industrialization and urbanization, they have become the driving force for the sustained growth of this industry in our city. The implementation of the national top ten industrial adjustment and revitalization plan also provides a broad market space for the R & D and production of special cables. With the more mature photoelectric technology, the "three integration" has accelerated the process of "light in and copper out", and the coaxial cable production enterprises in our city will face a new technological revolution and market revolution. In order to meet the requirements of building a resource-saving, environment-friendly society and environmental protection and low carbon, the market share of solid wood furniture and flooring will gradually decrease, but people's demand and quality of decorative materials are constantly improving, and the market of composite decorative materials will further expand. Among them, decorative paper products will further develop towards high-grade and special thick paper, and expand to metal decorative panels, creative products, wallpaper and other fields. At the same time, the industrial chain extends downward to the application fields of ecological anti-theft doors, kitchen cabinets, furniture, floors and so on, so as to further improve the level of professional equipment manufacturing. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the wire and cable and composite decorative materials industry in our city

a person in charge of Hangzhou Economic Development Bureau said that in order to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the two industries, the city will build the wire and cable industry into a modern industrial cluster with significant regional brand effect by supporting leading enterprises, encouraging product restructuring, and promoting the implementation of brand strategy, so as to create a "Chinese wire and cable manufacturing base", forming a core block with Linglong street, Banqiao Town as an expansion block, Jincheng Street Jinnan street and Yuqian town are characteristic industrial bases of composite decorative materials in supporting blocks. By 2015, the wire and cable industry in our city will achieve an industrial sales output value of 20billion yuan above scale, and 30 Enterprises above 100 million yuan; The composite decorative materials industry has achieved a sales output value of more than 10 billion yuan, a national market share of more than 50%, and more than 100 large-scale enterprises

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