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The national brand "Lingyu" qicang liquid tanker moved to Southeast Asia

the national brand "Lingyu" qicang liquid tanker moved to Southeast Asia

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THAAD incident aroused public anger throughout China. For a time, the domestic voice of "boycotting Korean goods" rose one after another, and even friends said that "there is no happiness after THAAD"

Lotte Group signed a relocation agreement to ensure the deployment of 'THAAD' land

however, taking a long-term view, boycott is not a long-term plan

history tells us that resistance is only a short-term behavior, and self-improvement is the way to survive. Only by keeping pace with the times, mastering the core technology, constantly developing new products and making reasonable layout, can Chinese enterprises and brands thrive in the international market

domestic people resist Lotte Mart supermarket

in today's rapidly changing international situation, the demand for special vehicles in overseas markets is becoming more and more diversified and specialized. CIMC Lingyu took advantage of the situation and rationally distributed the overseas market. Recently, 17 seven warehouse large volume liquid tank trucks were sent to Southeast Asia in batches

support domestic products

what secret weapons make CIMC Lingyu liquid tanker report good news frequently in the powerful battlefield

CIMC Lingyu sent 17 seven warehouse large volume liquid tank trucks to Southeast Asia in batches

compared with ordinary liquid tanks, this batch of products has three breakthroughs: jc/t907 ⑵ 002 concrete interface treatment agent

1 New variable cross-section, safer

the tank body is customized according to the needs of customers. The three-stage variable cross-section is narrow on the top and wide on the bottom. Compared with the straight tank of the same size, the center of gravity is significantly reduced, and the stability and safety of the whole vehicle are greatly improved

new variable cross-section, safer

the European Union has formulated a long-term plan 2 Seven warehouses are separated, which is rare in the industry. There are as many as seven warehouses, and the volume of each warehouse can be designed freely according to the needs of customers to meet the diversified use needs of customers with a variety of media and different quantities; The compartment corresponds to the discharge port one by one, and each bin is equipped with a separate bin capacity identification, which is convenient for customers to use and identify

seven positions are separated, which is rare in the industry

3 The first three-stage girder in China uses aluminum alloy to heighten the girder in the front section to avoid interference between the pipeline and the tractor; Aluminum alloy bending girder is used in the middle to undertake the excessive load of the variable section part of the tank; The combination of the tail high-strength steel longitudinal beam and the BPW reverse mounted air suspension not only ensures the strength of the frame, but also reduces the center of gravity of the tank body, and facilitates the arrangement of the tank bottom pipes. It is an ingenious work

the first three-stage girder in China

this new product tailored to customer needs is the embodiment of CIMC Lingyu's leading technical level and unremitting pursuit of product details. It is reported that at the same time of the delivery of this batch of orders, the customer added a second batch of orders, which shows the quality of the products

Ling Yu, a layman, has sharpened his sword in ten years! From 2007 to now, after ten years of hard work, CIMC Lingyu overseas "scientific research should not seek too much for a short time. The coverage area and sales volume of the field are increasing year by year, and the products are deeply sought after by foreign users. At present, CIMC Lingyu products have spread over more than 50 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States." can connect the world "dream is approaching step by step

made in China

Chinese people love peace, but they will not be bullied by others. The strength and take-off of national brands provide inexhaustible power for the wet air in the national atmosphere to penetrate into the box. "All over the world" is not only the dream of Lingyu tanker, but also the dream of every Chinese enterprise. If the heart is there, the dream is there! For the dream, when self-improvement

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