Linearization of the hottest laser Imagesetter

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How to linearize the laser Imagesetter

? Adjust the development to meet the needs of the development of digital economy and bioeconomy. After the development density of the fully exposed film reaches the density value mentioned above, the linearization adjustment of the imagesetter can be carried out. Take a correction gray ladder from the imagesetter and measure its field density value. Generally speaking, the field density of domestic films is 3.3 3 3 5, and that of imported films is about 4 0. If the film density needs to be explained that the value cannot meet the requirements, you can increase the exposure light value of the Phototypesetter, otherwise reduce the light value of the Phototypesetter, and constantly test and adjust the light value until the density value meets the requirements. Remember this light value, and you will not need to adjust it for a period of time (except for a few factors such as the aging of the laser tube of the Phototypesetter). Then, classify the calibration curve of the imagesetter as linear, draw a ladder, measure its point value, input it into the calibration curve, and then draw the calibrated ladder. Generally, the point value at this time is more accurate. The specific requirements are: the deviation between the small point and the large point is within 1%, and the deviation of the middle part is within 2%. If it fails to meet the requirements, adjust the standard point value of the corresponding part by a small margin, and then issue the calibrated gray scale until it meets the requirements

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