Linearization management of CTP plate making proce

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Linear management of CTP plate making process

Color Management in CTP process is the key and difficult point of CTP technology. The ICC characteristic curve that can accurately reflect the characteristics of equipment determines the effect of color management. Therefore, the generation and application of ICC characteristic curve has also become the top priority of color management

first of all, we know that the current violet excitation is less active in the domestic market than in the international market. Because of its photosensitivity and the characteristics of the plate printer, linearization is an essential part. Some users are always skeptical of the linearization curve when using it, and they are not very confident about the accuracy of the linearity of the device. Through a large number of use practices, it has been proved that 3D printing will benefit more and more people! Heart is completely unnecessary. Some monitoring methods in the use process can fully ensure the accuracy of point restore

1. control of ambient temperature and humidity. In a safe photosensitive environment, strict control of temperature and humidity is very beneficial to the reproduction of CTP points. Generally, it is necessary to ensure that the ambient temperature is about 23 and the humidity is between 50-60

2.precise control of pH value. The developer of the plate punching machine is changed regularly as required. The developer in the developing tank of the plate punching machine is measured before publishing every day. However, in this statistical electronic tensile machine, the developer pH value is guaranteed to be within the range of 120.25 at 28 ℃. If it is not enough, replenish additional fluid

3. Measurement of plate tester. In order to verify the accuracy of the value of the rotation test of the publishing point tire on the inner side of the drum, a gray ladder can be attached to the bending position on the plate for output. After the plate is punched, measure the actual point value and check the difference with the required value. However, during the measurement, note that the compared value is the value after adding the inverse compensation curve

after ensuring that the above three points are OK, the obtained point value is completely OK. They have become beneficial weapons for the restoration of control points

of course, it still needs a period of time to monitor and adjust the pH value to reach a relatively stable state. Due to the differences in the size of the plates used by users and the environment, the installation of the machine may be a process of exploring the pH value. During this period of time, we can do a good job in the real-time monitoring of publishing, and we can find a suitable amount of make-up fluid. Within a period of time, if the pH value does not change significantly during the publishing process, it indicates that the adjustment has met the standard. Users can follow the hardware engineers to learn the adjustment skills, and make minor adjustments when necessary

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