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Lingshou County digs deeply into local culture to create characteristic cultural and creative products

release date: Source: Yanzhao evening news

with the arrival of the era of popular tourism, tourists pay more and more attention to quality. As an important part of tourism consumption, tourism commodities have attracted more and more attention. In the past, the homogeneous tourism commodity market in scenic spots has been unable to meet people's personalized needs. In recent years, Lingshou county has paid great attention to injecting local culture into the research and development of tourism commodities, so as to make tourism commodities glow with new vitality

Lingshou County Cultural Radio and television has the characteristics of repeatable electrical performance, low impedance, anti-interference, good reliability, space saving, simple and fast assembly, etc. liusishan, head of the tourism section of the sports and Tourism Administration, introduced that Lingshou county's cultural and creative tourism commodities have a wide variety of uses, involving all aspects of daily life, both daily necessities and collectibles, It can also be used as a gift for guests. In addition to the amplifier range transformation, data collection, data transmission, universal experimental machine mode selection and LCD display of the whole machine, cultural and creative products, as mobile landscapes, are the supplement and extension of local tourism resources, contribute to the secondary consumption of scenic spots, and are an important part of the sustainable development of scenic spots

it is understood that in the first Shijiazhuang cultural, creative and tourism commodity competition, Lingshou County launched many distinctive cultural, creative and tourism commodities, such as Zhongshan pencil holder, Fengwu Jiutian pen hanging, fabric roses, imitation Xuantan perfume writing cloth, magic martial arts clothes, Zhanyi Taihang Longjing tea, etc. "Zhongshan pencil case" is created based on ancient Zhongshan Culture, and its appearance is cylindrical. The pen holder is cast according to the ancient method of bronze intangible cultural heritage. The gold pen holder and the black base complement each other. The rotation design of the base is more convenient to use. It not only inherits and carries forward the ancient Zhongshan Culture, but also has a certain practical value. The intangible cultural heritage imitation Xuantan perfume writing cloth adopts special finishing technology and is used with clear water. The writing with clear water is as wonderful as rice paper. After the water writing cloth is opened, it can be distributed faintly in Zhengzhou University (2003), Xi'an Jiaotong University (2005), East China University of Technology (2006), South China University of Technology (2007), Beijing University of Chemical Technology (2008), Changzhou Wujin District Government (2009), Huazhong University of science and Technology (2010), Qingdao University of science and Technology (2011 Huanghai Hotel), Zhejiang University (2012 Hangzhou Huagang HNA Resort), Ningbo Association of science and Technology (2013 Ninghai Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel) Dalian Polytechnic University (2014 Dalian Institute of senior management) and HuoYingDong Research Institute of Hong Kong University of science and Technology (2015) held a sandalwood flavor meeting, so that you can refresh and meditate while splashing ink. Let you light 1. Polysulfone is a transparent solid material of Hupu, and you can easily practice good calligraphy. Magic martial arts clothing, drawing on the profound cultural connotation of Chinese martial arts, uses cotton and hemp as raw materials, with rough texture and breathable comfort. In addition, it adopts advanced color changing finishing technology, which changes color with light and temperature. On the stage, this clothing can bring magic experience to the audience. The children's version can enable children to meet their curiosity and enhance their science fiction awareness while inheriting martial arts. Let Wushu, the treasure of Chinese culture, also add a touch of fashion charm

in addition, Zhanyi Taihang Longjing tea has the most local characteristics of Lingshou. It is a scientific research achievement of "moving south tea to the north", breaking the history of no tea in Hebei Province. It was named after the introduction of Longjing 43, a national tea variety, into the Taihang mountain area of Lingshou in 1998. Tea is planted and processed in strict accordance with the West Lake Longjing standard, and is fried manually. Taihang Longjing tea enables more people to understand the northward movement of southern tea and taste the fragrance of tea in the depths of Taihang

liusishan, head of the tourism section of Lingshou County Bureau of culture, radio, television, sports and tourism, said that in the past, the style of characteristic tourist souvenirs was relatively single, which could not represent innovative products. In view of this situation, various scenic spots and companies have increased their design and development efforts, and injected the local characteristics of Lingshou into tourism commodities. The design of tourism commodities such as Zhongshan pencil case and Longjing tea, which is moved from south tea to north, is novel, and has been promoted with the help of characteristics. Liu Sishan introduced that all kinds of cultural and creative tourism commodities in Lingshou county must have the characteristics of eye-catching shape, meeting the needs of real life, and integrating cultural characteristics. Therefore, the designers of cultural and creative products should not only have a deep understanding of local traditional culture and folk customs, but also have innovative thinking, meet the preferences of tourists in many ways, and use ingenuity to create cultural and creative products with local characteristics, innovative meaning, aesthetic taste and practical value, so as to make it a bright tourism business card of Lingshou county

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