Linear displacement sensor with the best impact re

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Linear displacement sensor with impact resistance of 200g

Turck's newly upgraded Li linear displacement sensor can measure displacement at a frequency of up to 5KHz, and the measurement length is up to 2 meters. Stronger, faster and farther: Turck's expanded Li sensor breaks through the limitation of linear displacement measurement

The specific performance features are as follows:


Turk upgraded its non-contact Li q25 positioning system. Photoelectric induction is one of the skills that China intends to improve its predecessors at the time of development, and now a new extended model is added. Compared with the alternative measurement system, the inductive measurement principle can provide higher impact resistance and sampling rate. The measurement length of Li sensor is up to 2 meters, and its performance is far beyond that of magnetostrictive displacement sensor

tomorrow of automotive tire materials with a maximum resistance to 200g vibration or impact: Bio based

this extended series of sensors with a protection grade of IP67 can not only withstand harsh environmental conditions (such as high humidity and dirt), but also reliably output position signals, with a maximum resistance to 200g vibration or impact. The scanning rate of 5 kHz can reduce the positioning error. By using 16 bit analog-to-digital converter, the accuracy is further improved

the application of

li sensor to resist magnetic field interference is an ideal choice for closed-loop control tasks in the metal processing industry, because the accumulated metal debris will not stick to the positioning element and will not cause linearity error. With high impact resistance, these sensors can be used in presses, stamping machines, wood processing and injection molding machines without any problem

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