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Jiangyou UGF high voltage rubber sheathed wire and cable ugf3*50+1*16 spot

Jiangyou UGF high voltage rubber sheathed wire and cable ugf3*50+1*16 spot

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Jiangyou UGF high voltage rubber sheathed wire and cable ugf3*50+1*16 spot

the demand for special cables has increased sharply. Railway signal cables, marine cables, automobile wires, mining cables, aircraft cables and other special cables are growing at a rate of tens of thousands of kilometers per year. The capacity of China's wire and cable market continues to expand, and the development scale of the domestic cable industry continues to grow. Driven by profits, the innovation ability of entity enterprises lags behind. At present, the supply of low-end cables in the domestic market exceeds the demand, while high-end special cables are scarce. Under the background of low concentration of cable industry, scattered technical forces and low scientific and technological content of products, in-depth research on special cables will be a magic weapon for cable enterprises to have market competitiveness. Special cables are cables that can be used in specific occasions, such as high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, termite resistance, and wires and cables used in ships, aircraft, nuclear power plants and other occasions, which are specially expected to be used in the domestic mining market for a short time or to continue low-level operation. Special cable is a series of products with unique performance and special structure, compared with the large amount and wide range of ordinary wires and cables

it has the characteristics of high technical content, strict use conditions, small batch and high added value. New materials, new structures, new processes and new design calculations are often used. Compared with ordinary cables, the competition in the special cable industry is more orderly and has a broader prospect. Because special cables are different from conventional cables, they need to be used for specific purposes in specific occasions, requiring high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, termite resistance, corrosion resistance and even radiation resistance. Due to the unprecedented development of the software of the experimental machine, high technical content, new application fields and high entry threshold, special cables also put forward higher requirements for domestic enterprises in terms of technology. It is understood that at present, there are more than 500 enterprises engaged in the production of special cables in China. Although some enterprises in the province, such as Henan Huatai special cable, have entered the ranks of the domestic advanced level in terms of technical equipment, testing means, financial strength, product performance, etc., on the whole, the technical level of the special cable industry is still lack of competitiveness in the world. The embarrassment of insufficient technology and capacity. It will be mainly used in various mobile electrical and equipment. Speaking of YZ type rubber sheathed cable, we have to say yzb type cable. The full name of this type of cable is medium-sized flat flexible cable, and its main purpose is the same as YZ rubber sheathed cable. You can choose according to the specific model you need. The full name of YC rubber sheathed cable is heavy-duty image sheathed flexible cable. Its rated voltage is between uo/u450v and 750V. It is mainly used in various mobile electrical equipment and tools. This type of cable can withstand greater external mechanical forces than other types. The last is the rubber sheathed cable model YQ. The full name of this cable is light rubber sheathed flexible cable. Its own rated voltage uo/u is 300V. This cable is also mainly used in light mobile electrical equipment and tools. In fact, there are other types of cables in the rubber sheathed cable family. Let's introduce two common types of cables: waterproof rubber sheathed wire and cable and electric welding machine cable

cannot be ignored. Take high-speed rail and oil drilling platforms for example, the annual capacity gap reaches tens of thousands of kilometers. At the same time, the production capacity of special cables supporting emerging energy technologies such as thermal radiation and photovoltaic is also seriously insufficient. According to the "analysis report on the market outlook and investment strategic planning of China's special cable industry in", released by the prospective industry research institute, only a few enterprises in the national wire and cable industry have annual sales of more than 2billion yuan, and the brands of a few enterprises can be recognized or famous internationally. Among them, the special materials needed for manufacturing special cables still need to be imported. Especially when the core equipment of major projects needs special supporting cables, it can only rely on imports of special materials, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's cable industry. With the rapid development of China's communications, high-end equipment manufacturing and other industries, the demand for special cables has increased significantly, while imported cable products are expensive and take a long time to deliver, which makes China's high-end manufacturing industry and accurate wiring; When using, it is necessary to operate according to the rules and procedures in the manual. During the operation, the research and development cost of preventing the lower pressure plate from exceeding the regular stroke of the piston has increased significantly. How to avoid copper wire blackening of rubber sheathed cable? We know that rubber sheathed cable is a soft and movable cable product, which is made of multiple strands of thin copper wires as conductors and wrapped with rubber insulation and rubber sheath. Generally, rubber sheathed cables mainly include general rubber sheathed flexible cables, electric welding machine cables, submersible motor cables, radio device cables and photographic light source cables. After using for a period of time, the copper wire of rubber sheathed cable often turns black. Then what is the reason? Lanzhou Zhongbang cable analysis: there are many reasons for the blackening of the copper wire of rubber sheathed cable. In addition to the material formula of the rubber, it is also related to the state of the copper wire itself, rubber processing technology, rubber vulcanization technology, cable structure, sheath rubber formula, production environment and many other factors. In the 1950s and 1960s, most domestic manufacturers used ordinary copper rods (copper content is 99.99%, all of which are aerobic copper rods), and the production method is to make black copper rods after heating copper ingots and multi-channel calendering

restricted the development of these industries to a certain extent. At present. Special cable products in urgent need of development in the domestic market include: Aerospace cables, data bus cables, marine cables, locomotive and vehicle cables, high-frequency cables for communication, urban rail cables, etc. In addition, with the in-depth implementation of the concepts of sustainable development such as environmental protection, safety and energy conservation, China's special cable industry is facing good development opportunities. Therefore, we should not blindly follow the trend and fall into the price cycle of low-end cable market competition. The development of scarce special cables is the way for cable enterprises to develop. From the perspective of industry profits, the annual profits of the industry have changed little in recent years. In 2007, the annual gross profit margin of industry sales was 13.68%, while in 2012, the gross profit margin of industry sales also reached 14.98%. From the statistical data of other industries, we can see that from the annual and monthly profits of the wire and cable industry, the inherent seasonal factors of the wire and cable industry are put aside

industry profits have not decreased significantly. At the same time, there is no significant change in the industry's accounts receivable capacity. The industry's accounts receivable turnover rate was 5.95 times in 2007, 6.44 times in 2008, and 6.37 times in 2012; The industry's asset liability ratio was 59.55% in 2007, 58.96% in 2008 and 55.54% in 2012. These financial indicators show that the entire wire and cable industry is not obviously relieved to show a downward trend in financial indicators. In order to further strengthen production safety, economic security and national defense security, China's demand for special cable products is increasingly strong. The national industrial policy clearly proposes to give priority to the use of domestic independent brand products in the construction of major projects. The industrial environment is very conducive to the development of domestic special cable enterprises. Industry insiders suggested that the state should also continue to strengthen investment in cable material research and development and policy support. Relevant scientific and technological departments should combine the special cables and special materials required for the construction of national key projects

and they are relatively long products. Because it is composed of one or several wires, we only need to wrap a tough outer layer made of rubber on the outside of it. The introduction of the manufacturing process of rubber sheathed cable can ensure that its reliability is very high. You may be interested in the article: the rubber sheathed cable is made of multi strand thin copper wires as the conductor. The mechanical external force of the rubber sheathed cable is very good, so we can classify it on its structure, and we must also adopt some appropriate cohesion about its structure, so as to ensure that it can also achieve good results when used on some household appliances, And if it is really used on this, we must meet certain requirements in its softness and lightness, because only in this way can we ensure that its use effect is very good

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