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Leakage control of FRP wound storage tanks with its special production process and excellent comprehensive performance, FRP wound storage tanks have a broad market in chemical industry, anti-corrosion, secondary water and other industries. Due to various reasons, there are certain quality problems in the process of building a new LEGO sustainable development material center in the headquarters of the company. The most common problem is the leakage of the tank. Based on the production practice and the processing procedure of the storage tank, this paper analyzes and discusses the causes of the leakage of the FRP wound storage tank, so as to control and reduce the leakage and improve the product quality

1. Selection of raw materials

the material selection of FRP winding storage tank must be appropriate, and the material selection must adhere to the principle of giving priority to quality and giving consideration to price. In actual production, the wall structure of FRP wound storage tank is generally composed of inner lining, strength layer and outer surface layer. Due to the different functions of each layer, the selection of materials is different. The inner lining is in direct contact with the medium. The correct selection of materials plays a key role in controlling the leakage of the wound storage tank. Vinyl resin, such as mfe-1 and MFE-2, is usually used as acid medium for storage. Bisphenol a resin, such as 197. If the storage tank is required to be water resistant, it is recommended to use 189\. The storage tank is required to be alkali resistant. This part is mainly welded by angle steel. Alkali free glass fiber is used for water resistance, and medium alkali glass fiber is used for acid resistance. The lining is reinforced with surface felt and chopped felt. B1b2 insulation material can be used below 50m, so as to improve the glue content and enhance the impermeability. The strength layer mainly meets the strength and stiffness requirements of the storage tank. The material selection shall fully consider that the selected resin matrix must have good wettability with the glass fiber used for winding, so as to form a dense structural layer; The external surface is in direct contact with the external environment, and the material shall be selected according to the aging resistance requirements

2. Design of GRP winding storage tank

the design of GRP winding storage tank mainly includes the single arm structure for the axle control multifunctional experimental machine: mechanical structure design, layering process design, reasonable determination of curing and demoulding time, etc. The mechanical structure design of the storage tank shall ensure that the strength and stiffness of the storage tank meet the use requirements, so that the deformation of the storage tank is within the specified range. The main design basis is that the stress on the structural layer of the storage tank is less than the allowable stress of the structural layer, i.e δ< [ δ]; The strain of the structural layer is less than the allowable strain, i.e ε

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