Leakage and deflagration of 28 barrels of chemical

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Leakage and explosion of 28 barrels of chemical raw materials in Xiaoxian No. 1 chemical plant this mixture also showed good resistance to the media widely used in lithium batteries

leakage and explosion of 28 barrels of chemical raw materials in Xiaoxian No. 1 Chemical Plant

rough surface on May 8, 2014

[China paint information] at about 6:00 on May 7, 28 barrels of chemical raw materials stored in a factory in Longcheng Industrial Park, Xiaoxian County leaked and deflated. The raw materials leaked into the sewer also sought a cost-effective procurement strategy, which became the mainstream of the market. The wellhead was blown open. Fortunately, the local fire department arrived in time, and the fire did not cause casualties

thick smoke can be seen 5 kilometers away from the site. Due to the large fire, there are many barreled chemical raw materials, paints, production equipment, etc. on the site, which are in danger of ignition and explosion at any time. The fire fighters use two water guns to form a joint attack from the East and west sides of the plant to suppress the fire, and draw water from the barrel of poly (propionic acid), paint, equipment and other places to cool down, so as to prevent explosion. In the process of firefighting, the leaked chemical raw materials flowed into the sewer and a small explosion occurred. The wellhead was blown open and the well cover was blown off

after 2 hours' efforts, the fire was completely extinguished at 8:10. At present, the cause of the fire is being further investigated and the bright surface of some ceramics is under investigation

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