Learn from your mistakes

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Where to learn from mistakes

failure in the business society has become a ceremony worth looking forward to. You can always hear the saying that "nine out of ten new companies fail" after the establishment of the provincial engineering laboratory. You've also heard that failure casts character. People often suggest that "early death, early rebirth, more failures and more experience"

the air is full of such a high concentration of failure theories. It seems that there is no other way but to sink into them. Do not believe these ideas! Don't be fooled by these views. The failure of others is just a fall for others. What does it matter to you that other people's things can't be sold? What does it matter to you if others can't unite the team? What's wrong with you if other people's services are improperly priced? Others earn less than they spend Well, you just came to earn it

in addition, measure and record the white arc height before and after strong pressure. A common misconception is that people should learn from mistakes. What can you do from the wrong single arm tensile testing machine, which is widely used in all kinds of rubber and plastic, shoes, leather, clothing, textiles, insulators, terminals What did you learn from all kinds of materials? All you can learn is not to repeat it, but what's the point? You still don't know what to do next

in contrast, you should learn from success. Success is the most reliable teaching material. After you do one thing, you will know that this path will work - then you will do it again, and next time, you may do better

failure is not a prerequisite for success. A research report from Harvard Business School shows that those entrepreneurs who have already succeeded are far more likely to create brilliance than ordinary people (the success rate of starting a company in the future is 34%). The success rate of those entrepreneurs who failed at their first start-up was the same as that of the first-time Entrepreneurs: only 23%. The probability of success of those who lose the first battle is not higher than those who have never tried. Success is a valuable experience with practical value

I'm surprised. This is the law of nature. It is impossible to evolve by staying in the past failures. Evolution is based on success. So should you

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