Lecta, the most popular French paper company, intr

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French paper enterprise Lecta launched a new type of coated recycled paper: recycled mat

release date: Source: Zhonghua paper

20217, experimental conditions [method] in February, French paper enterprise Lecta launched recycled mat coated recycled paper products. Every task proposed in this paper can be implemented. It is a new type of recycled paper with double-sided coating. Its color is natural white, which has excellent printing effect in all types of printing methods. This new type of paper is made of 100% recycled fiber, which produces less waste, thus promoting the circular economy. ICF products are also easy to form

recurrent mat series has been obtained or cannot be tested by this machine FSC production and marketing chain of Supervision certification has been obtained. The quantitative range is 90 ~ 240 g/m2. It is widely used. It can produce books, pamphlets, catalogues, folders, inserts, magazines, reports, etc. it is a natural choice for all types of high-quality printed materials, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the world

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